L&H Industrial is a worldwide manufacturer, remanufacturer and distributor of aftermarket parts and services for electric mining shovels, draglines, blast hole drills and other surface mobile mining equipment. L&H specializes in working with our customers to enhance and improve OEM parts with our in-house engineering and industry experts.

Founded in 1964, L&H began with just eight employees in a small shop in Gillette, Wyoming. With a reputation as a high quality repair, fabrication and specialty-manufacturing provider, L&H soon found a demand for its services and products throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

Now with over 400 employees, L&H Industrial continues to grow. In an effort to meet customer demands and to continue growth, L&H has established distribution channels in every major mining area worldwide.

Replacement parts for rope shovels and drills

L&H is a global leader in alternative enhanced replacement parts for rope shovels and drills. We strive to improve our parts in order to provide practical innovations to our customer's problems. We work closely with our customers, providing quality OEM-alternative parts that meet or exceed their demands. With our experience and expertise, we are able to lower our customer's costs of ownership while maximizing productivity.

L&H Industrial manufactures parts for electric mining shovels, draglines, blast hole drills and other surface mining equipment and distributes them worldwide.
Our hoist drum rebuilding service provides shovel and dragline users with a high quality field proven product.
L&H Industrial produces high quality load rollers with tens of thousands of hours of proven performance in the toughest mining conditions.
Our engineering services are available across the world; this crowd pinion was made for the South African market.
Using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology, L&H offers welding and machining services, ranging from small repairs to large projects.

L&H specializes in enhanced parts for P&H, Bucyrus and Marion mining equipment.

Latch bars for power shovels

The L&H Industrial, Dura-Life latch bar is manufactured with a high strength replaceable insert that can reduce costs by as much as 300%. Gone is the continuous task of trimming manganese latch bars or welding an edge on alloy bars. Advantages include:

  • Increase maintenance intervals by a factor of two
  • Rotate the double-sided insert 180º for a second wear surface in just a few short minutes
  • Simply replace the low cost insert when required, not the entire bar
  • Bar life is increased by as much as 300%
  • Inserts are made of high alloy steel and pre-hardened to 60 Rockwell so they resist wear from the very first latch

Load rollers for electric shovels

L&H Industrial produces very high quality load rollers that are proven by tens of thousands of hours in the toughest mining conditions. Lower rollers and rear idler rollers are available for all electric shovel models.

Swing systems for mining shovels

L&H Industrial produces the finest swing systems available for Marion and Bucyrus mining shovels. Through superior engineering, L&H Industrial offers a comprehensive solution to solve multiple problems resulting in up to 100% longer life, increased availability and ease of maintenance. These combined features add up to real value for any mining operation. L&H is also a major distributor for Megadoor Products and Raptor Mining Products.

Drive systems for P&H shovels

The L&H Industrial Omega drive system is packed with innovative features that will result in greatly extended wear life and demand very low maintenance compared to P&H standard or ADS style shoes. The Omega drive system is available for P&H 4100A, 4100XPB, 2800XPA/B and 2300XPA/B models.

Replacement parts machining and manufacturing

L&H offers a variety of machining services, ranging from small repairs to large projects. We use state-of-the-art equipment to keep up with the latest technology. At L&H, we have the expertise and the equipment to machine quality products for the surface mining industry.

At L&H, we strive to manufacture reliable replacement parts that are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM quality. We have the manpower and equipment to manufacture products for the surface mining industry, as well as for the petroleum and railroad industries. All products are manufactured to our engineered specifications. Our superior OEM-alternative parts are manufactured to last longer, maximizing productivity while minimizing down-time.

Engineering and design of alternative replacement parts

We also provide engineered solutions to problems that slow or stop our customer’s production. Using the latest in design software, our experienced team of engineers redesigns problem areas on old machines to maximize productivity. Our engineering services are available across the world, both in the shop and in the field.