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Leading Mineral Processing Solutions

Westpro Machinery Inc. is an innovative Canadian mineral processing technology company with over 38 years of experience in the mining, wastewater and aggregate industries.

1111 West Hastings St, Suite 910,
Vancouver, British Columbia,
V6E 2J3,
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Westpro Machinery is a leading manufacturer and supplier in the mineral processing and aggregate production equipment. Renowned for its innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology, Westpro specializes in designing and manufacturing a diverse range of machinery tailored to meet the unique needs of industries involved in mineral processing, mining, and aggregate production.

Their extensive product line includes equipment for various stages of the production process, from initial crushing and grinding to refining and handling, ensuring comprehensive solutions for clients worldwide.

At the core of Westpro Machinery’s offerings is its state-of-the-art machinery designed to optimize mineral processing operations. Their primary focus revolves around equipment such as crushers, grinding mills, agglomerators, scrubbers, flotation machines,  thickeners and lime slaking systems.

These machinery types play pivotal roles in comminution, which involves reducing the size of mined materials through crushing and grinding, and subsequent processing steps that facilitate mineral separation and concentration.

Crushers form a cornerstone of Westpro’s offerings, encompassing diverse types like jaw crushers and cone crushers.These machines efficiently break down larger materials into smaller, manageable sizes, ensuring the subsequent processing stages operate optimally. Accompanying these are grinding mills, which further refine materials through grinding and pulverizing, crucial for extracting valuable minerals from ores.

Agglomerators facilitate the binding of fine particles into larger, more easily manageable forms, aiding in the handling and processing of materials. Scrubbers play a critical role in cleaning and preparing materials for subsequent stages by removing impurities and contaminants.

Additionally, Westpro Machinery’s expertise extends to specialized systems like lime slaking, an integral process in water treatment, mining, and chemical processing industries.

The lime slaking system offered by Westpro is a meticulously designed solution to efficiently convert quicklime (calcium oxide) into hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide), a crucial chemical compound widely used in various industrial applications.

At its core, the lime slaking system comprises equipment meticulously engineered for optimal performance. The system typically includes a lime silo for storage, ensuring a continuous supply of quicklime. The quicklime is then precisely metered into a slaking reactor or slaker, where it undergoes a controlled hydration process. This hydration is carefully managed to produce high-quality hydrated lime without excessive heat generation or waste.

The equipment employed in Westpro’s lime slaking systems is engineered for efficiency, reliability, and safety. Advanced controls and monitoring systems are integrated to regulate the slaking process, ensuring precise control over variables like water addition and mixing speed. This precision guarantees the production of consistent, high-quality hydrated lime tailored to meet the stringent requirements of diverse industrial applications.

The versatility of Westpro’s lime slaking systems is evident in their ability to cater to varying production capacities and operational demands. Whether for small-scale operations or large industrial facilities, Westpro provides customizable solutions that align with specific throughput requirements and operational parameters.

Also, The company’s commitment to comprehensive solutions is evident in its provision of flotation machines and thickeners. Flotation machines assist in separating minerals from ores by exploiting differences in surface properties. At the same time, thickeners aid in the efficient separation of solids from liquids, a crucial step in various industrial processes.

What sets Westpro Machinery apart is its dedication to innovation and customization. We offer a range of standard machinery and excel in providing tailor-made solutions to meet specific client requirements. Our engineering expertise allows for the design and construction of equipment that aligns precisely with individual projects’ operational needs, scale, and environmental considerations.

Moreover, Westpro Machinery’s commitment to client satisfaction extends beyond the sale of equipment. We offer comprehensive support services, including installation, commissioning, and after-sales maintenance, ensuring seamless integration and uninterrupted operations for our clients.

Westpro Machinery Inc. is an innovative Canadian mineral processing technology company with over 38 years of experience in the mining, wastewater, and aggregate industries. Renowned globally for durable construction, reliability, and top-notch performance, Westpro’s equipment guarantees quality and customer satisfaction.

From large-scale mining ventures to pilot plant operations, Westpro excels in crafting process equipment for diverse project sizes. Their broad range of mineral processing tools allows seamless integration into modular process plant designs.

Backed by a skilled team of versatile engineers, Westpro tailors each piece of equipment for optimal performance in specific applications. Their offerings extend beyond equipment supply, encompassing services like installation oversight, commissioning, audits, and spare parts provisions, ensuring comprehensive process technology solutions for clients.

Operating successfully in over 20 countries, including Canada, Chile, Indonesia, Mexico, and the USA, Westpro’s equipment and systems have a proven track record in mining operations. Westpro delivers high-quality, competitive solutions worldwide, leveraging global procurement and fabrication alliances.

Explore the world of Westpro for innovative solutions that redefine excellence in mineral processing technology. Contact us today to embark on a transformative journey for your projects.

Lime Slaking Systems: Precision Hydration Solutions

Westpro Machinery’s lime slaking systems represent precision solutions for the controlled hydration of quicklime into high-quality hydrated lime. These systems, comprising silos and slaking reactors, ensure the accurate conversion of quicklime (calcium oxide) into hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide).

Their slaking systems incorporate advanced controls and monitoring to regulate the hydration process, resulting in consistent and finely-slaked lime products. Whether for water treatment, mining, or chemical processing, Westpro’s lime slaking systems meet the stringent requirements of diverse industrial applications.

Each product or service offered by Westpro Machinery exemplifies their commitment to technological innovation, customization, and delivering tailored solutions to optimize industrial processes across various sectors.

Crushing Equipment: Crushers for Efficient Material Reduction

Westpro Machinery offers a diverse range of crushing equipment designed to efficiently reduce materials for various industries, including mining, mineral processing, and aggregates. Their jaw crushers, cone crushers, and impact crushers stand as reliable solutions for primary and secondary crushing operations.

These crushers are engineered to handle a wide range of materials, from hard rock to softer minerals, ensuring high throughput and consistent particle size reduction. Their robust construction and advanced technology enable them to withstand heavy-duty use while delivering superior performance.

Grinding Mills: Precision Machinery for Refining Minerals

The grinding mills provided by Westpro Machinery are at the forefront of refining minerals in various industrial processes. These mills, including ball mills, rod mills, and vertical mills, employ advanced grinding mechanisms to achieve fine particle sizes required for mineral extraction and refinement.

With a focus on efficiency and reliability, Westpro’s grinding mills are equipped with cutting-edge technologies and precision engineering to ensure optimal performance. They cater to diverse applications, from ore grinding in mining operations to the production of fine powders in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Flotation Machines: Enhancing Mineral Separation Efficiency

Westpro Machinery specializes in flotation machines crucial for efficient mineral separation. Their flotation cells, equipped with state-of-the-art mechanisms, facilitate the separation of valuable minerals from ores based on differences in surface properties.

These machines utilize aeration, agitation, and chemical reagents to create bubbles that selectively adhere to desired minerals, enabling their separation from the ore slurry. Westpro’s flotation machines are tailored to specific mineral processing needs, ensuring high recovery rates and optimal mineral concentrates.

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