XRT Consultants provides a variety of solutions to help improve asset management for mining organisations.

The company supplies systems to enhance asset management, work identification, condition monitoring, reliability engineering, tactics development, and fuels and lubricant programmes.

XRT Consultants also assists clients with defect elimination, lifecycle-cost analysis, leadership development and planning, as well as mine monitoring and control.

Solutions for community of practice facilitation, digitisation, prognostics and predictive analytics are also available.

Using machine data and oil analysis results can detect early potential failures. When an engine bearing starts to show the copper underlayment, a catastrophic failure is on the way. Catching this early prevents collateral damage such as losing the whole block and increasing rebuild costs.
Mining equipment works in the dirt and contamination control is a requirement for keeping equipment going.
Catastrophic failures cost a lot in downtime, lost production and cost. Understanding the condition of components such as this gearbox can significantly decrease unexpected failures.
No matter where equipment operates it needs effective maintenance tactics to keep it running.
Tough, hot and dirty environments put extreme demands on machines.
Modern machines produce more data than a human can. Using fleet management systems can use this data to analyze in the time required to make a decision. Fleet management systems can use this data to optimize operations and assess the health of the asset real-time.

Asset management solutions for mine sites

XRT Consultants has the expertise to accelerate and ensure a high return on investment (RoI) on mining assets.

From initial asset management framework development to big data analysis, the company designs and delivers an effective asset management programme to unlock hidden production, reduce operations and maintenance costs, avoid overcapitalization and wasted investment, as well as manage revenues.

Performance improvement programme design and implementation

XRT Consultants help clients realise significant potential through effective metrics and key performance indicators (KPI).

These measures are developed to drive behaviours, better understand equipment performance through plant and fleet analysis, as well as implement utilisation improvement programmes.

In addition, the company’s wrench time improvement programmes aim to increase overall equipment effectiveness, reduce costs and improve productivity.

Mining equipment maintenance and reliability improvement programmes

XRT delivers and implements frameworks to achieve results and include a wide range of workstreams, including:

  • Operations management
  • Competency and development
  • Strategy and tactics
  • Lube and fuels
  • Condition-based maintenance (CBM)
  • Effective root cause and defect elimination
  • Contractor and shutdown management
  • Measurements and metrics

Audits and reviews to enhance asset risk management

XRT has extensive experience in audits and reviews and completing current state assessments to ensure successful risk management.

It is useful for an organization to regularly carry out current state assessments to understand where an individual site exists in maturity. A review of the corporate asset management programme design and development also ensures that all the necessary elements are in-place and sustained.

Big data, predictive analytics, mine monitoring, and control and fleet management systems

The increasing popularity of digital solutions and Cloud computing enable cost-efficient analysis of large volumes of data. The industrial internet of things is becoming a reality as artificial intelligence is now optimising data production, enhancing the decision-making process.

XRT has extensive experience in using data to understand machine condition and produce automated diagnostics, troubleshooting, recommendations and time-to-failure calculations (prognostics) to improve fleet management systems.

If your organisational goal is to improve your asset management programmes and achieve sustainable results, please don’t hesitate to contact XRT Consultants.