Airfow respirator equipment

OTB Products supplies specialised personal protective equipment (PPE) and communications products to Australasian companies, and has done for just under two decades.

We take pride in ensuring that our equipment is as effective as possible, which is even more important when dealing with the safety of clients’ workforce.

High-quality protective and communication mining equipment

Providing best-of-type products at a competitive price has always been our goal. We ensure that our customers’ personnel receive the best protection possible, and by guaranteeing a high standard of equipment, all our clients benefit from long-term savings, as a result of low cost-of-ownership.

Respiratory equipment and two-way communications accessories

Some of the high-quality products from OTB include powered air respirators from Pureflo, offering high protection with low maintenance costs, as well as Savox two-way communications accessories, which provide optimum efficiency levels through performance and durability.

Pureflo is the only fully integrated powered air-purifying helmet respirator with P3 and ABE1/P3 filters.
New Hydra hard hat powered air-purifying respirator system. Three options; Hard hat (all major industry) Welding (hard hat) and Agricultural / Pharmaceutical. Range of filters from P3 to ABEK/P3.
Savox confined space entry and rescue communications is full duplex, hands-free, and intrinsically safe.
Allegro tough metal and lightweight, durable plastic Venturi blowers are built to perform and last.
Allegro Blowers – AC and DC axial blower extraction / ventilation system, with manhole ventilation pass thru (MVP). Designed for performance. Intrinsically safe versions for confined space and chemical applications
Workers can stay cool and dry with air-supplied Allegro Vortex cooling vests.
Allegro Cooling - Phase change cool vests protect users from heat stress. Also evaporative and feathered ice options.
Respirator care and maintenance products. A full range of PPE cleaning and storage products, including fit test kits.
Matting range - Industrial, rolled rubber, insertion rubber, anti-fatigue mats, entrance matting, and marine / outdoor carpet.
Savox Radio accessories are designed for performance and durability. Industrial, commercial, intrinsically safe, security, transport, entertainment and now PTT VOC.

Allegro and Cool-Shirt personal cooling devices prevent heat stroke and exhaustion, which include phase change, reticulation and feathered ice vests, suits and head covers.

Confined space ventilation / extraction equipment is also available, in AC or DC, plus a range of pneumatic Venturi styles.

We offer intrinsically safe communications, suitable for use in hazardous atmospheres while wearing respirators, full self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), and chemical suits. They are also ideal for high-noise applications in aerospace environments and power stations

Communication products and accessories for search and rescue purposes

We recently expanded our range of Savox equipment by adding their unique two-way radio accessories to our range of Savox hard-lined communications, and search and rescue products.

Savox radio accessories have been leaders in the world of communications for many years, with a major presence in military forces worldwide.

We also became the exclusive Allegro Safety product range agent for Australasia. Allegro products are well known for their performance and reliability.

Allegro and Savox products are a natural fit with our company’s direction

About OTB Products

OTB stands for ‘Only The Best’. We made the decision in 1997 to start our company with the idea of only selling products that are the best of their type.

We are proud to be a preferred supplier to Glencore, Caltex, Shell, Schlumberger, Qantas, Air New Zealand, Boeing, Australian Aerospace, RAAF, Super Retail Group, BHP Billiton, Comalco, Sibelco, and many more, including government departments.

If you have any safety-related issues, please don’t hesitate to call OTB. We also offer assistance with selection, maintenance, training and aftercare.