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Seal Saver by Fluid Control Services

Custom Protection Solutions for Hydraulic Cylinders

1155 Allgood Road - Suite 15,
Georgia 30062,
United States of America

The Seal Saver® Custom Cylinder Protection product line by Fluid Control Services delivers high-quality, high-performance products for field-installable cylinder protection.

Our solutions aim to support our customers to help reduce, or possibly eliminate, the expensive costs associated with cylinder failure. As the years have progressed, so has our ability to design protective covers that are implemented across a range of industries, including mining, offshore and power.

Customisable cylinder protection for mining applications

Each Seal Saver® product is uniquely designed to meet specific job site and environmental requirements. In addition, they are all custom-engineered to provide the best fit for every cylinder that they are installed on. To that end, Fluid Control Services offers a variety of material options to suit and protect your cylinders in almost any environment.

Our ability to provide field installable, unique designs for our customers’ cylinders is something that is unique to our product and sets the Seal Saver® in a class of its own.

Key features and benefits:

  • Minimises Rod Scoring
  • Extends the life of cylinder seals
  • Prevents chrome pitting due to chemical washes and other abrasive elements
  • Protects from dirt and corrosion
  • Resists heat, oil, chemicals and water

Proven, cost-effective, preventative maintenance for cylinders

It is widely known that in business, time is money.  It is also common knowledge that cylinders fail for many different reasons.  When your equipment is down due to a cylinder failure, every wasted minute is money deducted from your bottom line.  The cost to repair or replace those cylinders is yet another expense cutting into profit.

Installing a Seal Saver® on your cylinder will help to stop or significantly slow down this repair cycle, and the Seal Saver® will pay for itself the first time it prevents damage to the cylinder.  It is the simplest and most cost-effective preventative maintenance tool in your arsenal.

Easy-to-install cylinder protection

The entire Seal Saver line, manufactured by Fluid Control Services, are designed to be easily installable in any environment without having to disassemble any part of the cylinder.

All that is usually required is a screwdriver and one person, and the average time to install one of our boots is between five and ten minutes.

Custom-designed cylinder protection for adverse environments

In addition to the custom sizing design features the Seal Saver® offers, we can also use a variety of materials that are suitable for almost any situation.

Our options allow the end-users the flexibility to decide which material will be the most appropriate for their environment. The Seal Saver® can be used to withstand: heat, abrasion or sharp objects; chemical, caustic, or acidic environments; and extreme weather conditions on land or in marine applications.  Our most popular material options include ballistic nylon, Kevlar and Silica-based textiles.

Established in 1985, Seal Savers® are made using the most durable and high-quality materials currently available on the market and manufactured in the US.

Stop the never-ending cycle of cylinder repair and replacement with the Seal Saver®.  Why spend money repairing and replacing your cylinders when you can prevent the damage to begin with?

Our motto is, “Predict It, Protect It, Prevent It!”

Seal Saver by Fluid Control Services

1155 Allgood Road - Suite 15


Georgia 30062

United States of America