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Herbst SMAG Mining Technologies (HSMT) is a leading specialist for developing and manufacturing mining equipment. As a 100% subsidiary of Salzgitter Maschinenbau AG, it combines more than 100 years of experience with state-of-the-art technology, and delivers machines that can easily meet today’s demands.

Mobile mining equipment

HSMT designs and manufactures a broad range of mining vehicles, which are used worldwide by leading underground and open-cast mining companies. Each vehicle is specifically optimised to its purpose and work environment.

Areas of underground application include salt, potash and gypsum mining, as well as the increasing oil shale extraction market.

Open-cast mining models support all geological formations requiring rotary or down-the-hole (DTH) hammer drilling.

The Arktur series are a group of robust cross-country forklift trucks designed to work seamlessly in underground mining conditions.
The BW 50 blast hole drill carriage series features a centralised electrical hydraulic system for all work functions and an onboard computer system.
Centauri loaders are equipped with hydrodynamic four-wheel drive, a powershift transmission, an oversized rigid Kessler axle and an oil-bathed multiple-disc brake system.
The FA roof bolting carriages are our standard machines for large area roof bolting.
The SBM 86 is an advanced rock drilling technology for all geological formations in an open-cast mining environment.

Customers can choose from several types of transportation vehicle to cover all essential transportation tasks during the work process. Additionally, we are able to develop, customise and support reliable machines for specific and long-term use.

Drill carriages

The HSMT large hole drill carriage GB 280 provides inbreak drill holes solutions, with three base models all adaptable to customers needs. All GB 280 Models feature three independent drilling drives propelling 280mm diameter drill rods with a drill depth of 7.5m, a movable rod guidance system, a PLC-system, and can be operated remote controlled or manless in hazardous gas environments.

For face drilled holes in potash and salt mining, the BW 50 series features a centralised electrical hydraulic system for all work functions, an onboard computer system, a telescopic extendable boom, and a rotatable drill carriage with drill bits ranging from 32mm to 60mm in diameter, and a drill depth of 7m.

Roof bolting carriages

The FA roof bolting carriages are designed for large area roof bolting. All FA models feature an installed PLC-system, telescopic and double telescopic extendable booms, rotatable drill and bolting drive turrets, flanged linear magazines with a maximum capacity of 20 mechanical expansion bolts, ranging in size from 32mm to 42mm in diameter.

Drill cuttings and dust are led alongside the carriage, to minimise contamination.

Large hole drilling rigs

The SBM 86 is an advanced rock drilling technology for all geological formations in an open-cast mining environment. To optimally adapt to its work environment, the SBM 86 can be built based on crawler, wheel, or truck carriages, depending on the distance of the work sites.

Each carriage system features large ground clearance, high-stability four-point supports, and a compact, agile design for superior and safe manoeuvrability within its operation locations. In addition, all wheel-based carriage systems are street-legal.

All SBM86 large hole drilling rigs feature PLC-controlled automation, a parallel-edge driving mechanism, high-performance drives, automated levelling and drill rod handling, a large-scaled drill boom with tolerance free adjustment, a drill guidance system with a displaceable suction hood and an infinite regulation of feed and rotation speeds.

An overall eco-friendly design with noise reducing casing of all major components, a robust sinter filter system and possible use of bio hydraulic oil is an additional extra for a good work environment.

Adaptable, resilient transport machines

The Taurus series are versatile transport machines that fit into different scopes of operations within the work process underground. Different assemblies for the Taurus base chassis will transform the vehicle into a special purpose machine.

As well as use in towing and municipal vehicles, the Taurus series can also be used as big bag transporters and dump trucks with maximum load capacity of 20t, and mobile refuel vehicles with an 8,000l tank.

Only 3m of work height is needed to exchange assemblies like roll containers or platforms on the vehicle, which is equipped with a four-wheel drive, steering and brake system.

The Centauri is a heavy-duty wheel-based loader for underground mining, and can be equipped with either water-cooled or air-cooled diesel engines. Centauri loaders are equipped as standard with hydrodynamic four-wheel drive, a powershift transmission, an oversized rigid "Kessler" axle and a multiple-disc brake system.

The Arktur series are robust cross-country forklift trucks designed to work seamlessly in underground mining conditions. With huge loading capacities, and either air or water-cooled engines, these models are also available with a construction height of less than 1.8m for the upper edge of the driver’s canopy and forklift mast. All Arktur vehicles can be driven fully-loaded on gradients of 28%, with transversal slopes of 15%.

The Proxima C is a small-sized scaler for the underground mining industry, featuring a robust triple knuckle assembled boom with 200° rotational freedom above its rotation ring. Its core feature is its slim design; with a net weight of 25t, it measures only 5.5m in length, 2.6m in width and less than 2.6m in height.


  • Ochoa Sulphate of Potash (SOP) Mine, New Mexico

    The Ochoa Sulphate of Potash (SOP) project is a new underground mine being developed in Lea County, New Mexico, US. IC Potash (ICP) fully owns and is developing the project at an estimated capital cost of $1.018bn.

Products & services

  • Large Hole Drill

    Herbst SMAG's large hole drills allow operators to work in hazardous gas areas as they launch unmanned on a timer.

  • Blast Hole Drill

    Herbst SMAG blast hole drills are designed for soft and medium-hard minerals above ground.

  • Bench Drill

    Bench drills ensure a straight face after blasting and detonating by effective computer-controlled drilling depth monitoring.

  • Drilling Technology

    Herbst SMAG's technological leadership in rotary drilling and its knowledge of automation enables it to achieve optimum blasting results, especially in potash and salt mining, gypsum or oil shale mining and drilling hard rock.

  • Lifting Technology and Working Platforms

    Underground mines have adverse environments and certain tasks need to be carried out in remote areas, like using lifting and construction equipment e.g. conveyor systems. In order to safely reach hard areas a vehicle with all-wheel drive and a large climbing ability must be implemented.

  • Loading and Scaling Technology

    Herbst SMAG loading and scaling vehicles are ideal for underground mining operations. All-wheel drive loaders are crucial for material handling tasks and require reliable machines and minimum operating costs.

  • Underground System Logistics

    Herbst SMAG offers towing or transport vehicles for all purposes and sizes, to meet the daily challenges of the tough underground mining environment.

  • All-Wheel Drive Forklift Trucks

    Many mine sites require heavy forklift trucks to safely transport materials, such as power generators, components for conveyor systems, basket loadings, and the relocation of equipment and tools for each site.

  • Taurus Underground Haul Truck

    The Taurus hauler with roll-on / roll-off system is designed for multi-tasking. The vehicle’s platforms are made to match the customer’s specifications to ensure that they meet the daily operational requirements.

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