Translogik Tyre Temperature and Pressure Monitoring Systems

The Translogik off-the-road (OTR) iTrack tyre temperature and pressure monitoring system (TPMS) provides fast, accurate, reliable real-time data on the condition of your tyres, combined with live tracking of vehicle location and status.

Real-time tyre temperature and pressure monitoring systems

The OTR iTrack TPMS system has been designed to withstand the harsh and demanding operating environments of mining, construction and earth moving. Correctly inflated tyres last longer, improve fuel consumption, are less likely to fail, and require less maintenance, reducing vehicle downtime and improving productivity – saving you time and money. Benefits of the system include:

  • Live tracking of tyre temperature and pressure
  • Live tracking of vehicle location and status
  • Increase vehicle and driver / technician safety
  • Increase productivity by reducing vehicle downtime
  • Maximise tyre life and performance
  • Reduce tyre maintenance costs
  • Early warning of potential tyre or vehicle failure
  • Full-time monitoring (running and parked)
  • Geo-fencing
  • Real-time email and phone alerts
  • Wi-Fi and GSM enabled
  • Push-data enabled
  • Configurable threshold alarms
  • Data logging with timestamps

Dynamic vehicle information system

The dynamic vehicle information system (DVIS) receives information on tyre temperature and pressure from the sensors (for up to six wheel positions), displaying it directly to the driver via the in-cab display, whilst simultaneously logging and uploading live data such as braking, vehicle speed, route travelled, fuel consumption and location to a central location via GPRS and GPS.

Alarms can be set to trigger when user configurable operational threshold levels such as tyre temperature are exceeded, providing early warning of potential tyre or vehicle failure.

The OTR iTrack DVIS uses the CAN bus interface, providing the ability to integrate with other vehicle systems. All data from the DVIS can be monitored remotely, in real-time, from any location with an internet connection via our browser-based interface. This means you can track your vehicles remotely, 24/7, and will always know where your vehicles are and how they’re performing.

Early warning of potential tyre or vehicle failure

Continuous monitoring of key tyre data provides early warning of problems, allowing you to avoid expensive tyre failures caused by overheating and incorrect pressures. Reducing tyre costs and maximising the productivity of every vehicle.

Monitor your entire vehicle fleet in real-time. Receive automated email and phone alerts and notifications based on your key parameters to maximise operating performance. These can be sent via Wi-Fi or phone.

Geo-fencing for mining vehicles

A Geo-fence is a custom perimeter or boundary that is set for a particular vehicle or other asset. If the vehicle crosses that virtual boundary or geo-fence area, the tracking software can alert you. For example, if a truck with a ‘hot tyre’ alert crosses into your maintenance area the iTrack system will alert you via SMS or e-mail as soon as the vehicle crosses your predetermined geo-fence boundary. This information enables a potentially hazardous situation to be avoided.

Robust, accurate and reliable

There are two variants of the OTR iTrack TPMS system: ‘quick fit’, where the sensors are attached directly to the tyre valve, or alternatively in a patch bonded directly onto the tyre wall, ‘master fit’.

With the quick fit solution, sensors are attached directly to the tyre valve. This solution consists of:

  • Up to six TPMS canisters + T-valve
  • Data reader
  • In-cab DVIS interface

Our master fit solution sensors are bonded directly to the inside of the tyre using a patch and consist of:

  • Up to six TPMS tyre patches
  • Data reader
  • In-cab DVIS interface

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66 Heyford Park

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