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Innovative HVAC Solutions, Strategic Alliances, and Transport Refrigeration

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In the dynamic and demanding landscape of mining operations, Polar Mobility Research Ltd. stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability, not only within the mining industry but also in providing versatile solutions beyond.

Based in Canada, the company specializes in cutting-edge air-conditioning, air filtration, heating, cooling, and fluid management solutions for mobile equipment, setting new benchmarks in excellence.

Polar Mobility’s success is deeply rooted in its commitment to manufacturing HVAC units in Canada for the world and fostering strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Sy-Klone International, ProHeat, and Eberspächer.

P-1000 FH non-electric air conditioning system.
P-1100 vertical unit - hydraulic mining air conditioner.
P-1330C / 330E heavy-duty A/C unit.
P-1325 heavy-duty condenser.
P-1900 heavy-duty condenser.
P-5225 through-wall HVAC system.
P-5070 all electric rooftop air conditioner.
P-9977 rooftop air conditioner.
P-9990 heavy-duty hydraulic driven heater / air conditioner.
DigAire hydraulic mining air conditioner.

The company offers comprehensive solutions that redefine efficiency, reliability, and fluid management in the challenging mining world.

Canadian-Made HVAC Excellence: Precision Engineering for Worldwide Rigorous Environments

At the core of Polar Mobility’s success is the excellence embedded in its manufactured HVAC units, proudly designed and crafted in Canada. This steadfast commitment shows an unwavering focus on detail, rigorous adherence to top-tier quality standards, and the development of resilient HVAC units tailored to withstand the demanding conditions of mining operations worldwide.

A standout attribute of Polar Mobility’s Canadian-made HVAC units is the strategic integration of standardized components across diverse units. This deliberate design approach significantly reduces the need for an extensive array of replacement parts, thereby optimizing inventory management for mining operations.

By employing consistently high-quality components, Polar Mobility effectively minimizes downtime, enabling the swift and efficient replacement of parts. Consequently, this approach enhances productivity and minimizes operational disruptions.

Polar’s dedication to operator well-being is evident in the meticulous design of our HVAC systems by seamlessly integrating Sy-Klone technology. This ensures that operators benefit from clean and filtered breathing air, emphasizing a commitment to both performance and health.

Polar units are purpose-built with operator health in mind, utilizing the integration of Sy-Klone technology and capabilities to custom integrations led by individual requested requirements.

Polar Mobility sets itself apart from the competition by engineering HVAC systems capable of excelling in challenging environments. Whether faced with high salt concentrations offshore, extreme temperatures in the heart of the desert, or freezing temperatures in the great white north, our HVAC units are purpose-built to thrive in any environmental conditions.

These units are a testament to Polar’s commitment to delivering HVAC solutions that not only meet industry standards but surpass them, providing operators with reliable, efficient, and health-conscious equipment for their mining operations.

Strategic Partnerships for Enhanced Solutions: Sy-Klone International, ProHeat, and Eberspächer

Polar Mobility’s strategic alliances with industry leaders significantly enhance the capabilities of its heating and cooling solutions, effectively addressing specific challenges faced by mining operations.

Sy-Klone International: The collaboration with Sy-Klone brings advanced air filtration technology into Polar Mobility’s solutions. Sy-Klone’s cutting-edge technology enhanced air filtration systems, reducing harmful particulates and improving overall air quality within mining equipment cabs and/or engines.

This partnership not only prioritizes operators’ health but also extends the lifespan of HVAC components, fostering a healthier work environment in mining operations.

ProHeat: Partnering with ProHeat introduces state-of-the-art auxiliary heating systems into Polar Mobility’s solutions. ProHeat’s expertise in lowering engine idling, promoting fuel efficiency, and maintaining optimal working conditions aligns seamlessly with the specific needs of mining operations, particularly in colder climates.

This collaboration ensures that Polar Mobility’s solutions include the ability to handle a spectrum of environmental conditions, providing operators with reliable and efficient heating solutions.

Eberspächer: The partnership with Eberspächer elevates heating solutions for mining equipment. Drawing on Eberspächer’s global leadership in commercial vehicle heating systems, advanced technologies are available. Over a 40+ year collaboration, this synergy results in heating units that not only provide warmth but also enhance fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and ensure optimal working conditions within mobile equipment.

This partnership underscores Polar Mobility’s commitment to delivering state-of-the-art heating solutions in alignment with the evolving needs of the mining industry.

Polar Fluid Warmers: Revolutionizing Fluid Management Solutions

In addition to its strategic partnerships, Polar Mobility introduces its line of manufactured Polar Fluid Warmers—a solution tailored to address the fluid management challenges of mining operations. These fluid warmers are designed to heat hydraulic oil, fuels, and fluids susceptible to freezing, offering an innovative solution to prevent operational disruptions caused by cold climates.

Polar Fluid Warmers utilize glycol coolant from an engine or a ‘Fuel Fired Engine Coolant Heater’ as a heat source. This design efficiently warms fluids in tanks or reservoirs, ensuring they remain in an optimal state. Hydraulic oil is kept from freezing, fuel combustion is consistent, and essential fluids maintain their fluidity, preserving equipment performance and preventing costly operational disruptions.

The seamless integration of Polar Fluid Warmers into Polar Mobility’s solutions marks a strategic approach to addressing fluid management challenges in mining operations. These comprehensive fluid management solutions cater to the diverse needs of the mining industry, ensuring that equipment functions reliably in the face of extreme conditions.

Transport Refrigeration Solutions: Keeping Your Cool on the Move

Do you have a produce delivery truck, need to deliver pharmaceuticals to a medical facility, or just need to get food delivered to your camp up North? Transport refrigeration solutions are provided for a wide array of vehicles, Polar Mobility has diesel-driven and vehicle engine-driven units available to suit your needs.

Iceberg – Refrigerated Cubes

Designed to be placed in pickups or vans or used on their own (mobile refrigerator/freezer) For use with a 4000-watt generator or POLAR Inverter Battery Package Kit 12vdc. Systems run on 12vdc at 60-100Amps (LRA Surge 175 amps @ 12vdc approx.) Electric heating onboard.


Polar Mobility Research Ltd. stands at the forefront of redefining standards in mining HVAC, air filtration, fluid management, and transport refrigeration solutions. By seamlessly combining Canadian-made HVAC excellence with strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Sy-Klone International, ProHeat, and Eberspächer, along with its own Polar Fluid Warmers and transport refrigeration solutions, the company provides mining operators with comprehensive solutions that address the multifaceted challenges of extreme environments.

These innovations not only enhance equipment reliability and efficiency but also minimize downtime, contributing to increased productivity and profitability for mining operations. As Polar Mobility continues to evolve, its commitment to innovation and excellence positions the company as an indispensable partner for the mining industry, providing operators with an optimal working environment while working in the extremes.

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