Training One Australia is registered training organisation (40484) offering a comprehensive range of courses to all types of industries, including mining, civil construction, oil and gas, etc. The company is able to provide a large selection of operator, environment-based and safety training, including industry-recognised certificates.

Training One Australia offers on-the-floor and grass roots training from its trainers, who have more than 100 years of combined experience. Within our company we have dedicated and high-quality trainers and assessors who have worked in mining, civil construction, oil and gas, agricultural industries, transport and logistics in Australia and overseas.

Training is available for a large selection of plants and equipment and occupational health and safety. Many of our courses are application-specific and have been designed with the needs of the industry in mind.

Workshop and maintenance courses

Training One Australia offers a large selection of workshop and maintenance courses, which can be designed for specific workshop environments. These include:

Training One Australia provides training courses for operators working on mine sites.
We also provide training for particular workplace environments, including confined spaces and working at heights.
Safe and effective working practices are covered by our range of safety training courses.
We also provide tyre fitting training for heavy and light vehicles.
Drill and blast courses coming soon include stemming loader, drill rig and blast crew operations
  • Tyre fitting (light / heavy and tyre handler)
  • IT loader / tele-handler
  • Tag and isolation (jacking / wheel chock)
  • Job hazard analysis (JHA)
  • Spotting equipment with the work environment
  • Move and test
  • High-risk work (LF, CV, CN, DG, EWP, etc.)
  • WAHT’s (working at heights)
  • Confined spaces
  • Work site specific competencies
  • Workshop VOC’s
  • Service truck operations
  • Small hand tools
  • Warehouse
  • Manual handling
  • Vehicle hoists
  • Fire extinguisher

Heavy and light vehicle tyre fitting

We also offer tyre fitter training for both heavy and light vehicles. Our courses, which are designed avoid injury risk and premature tyre wear, include:

  • Certificate ii in RII20209 surface extraction operations
  • Cert ii tyre fitting – five mandatory units plus four electives unit make up Cert ii (can be done separately)
  • Tyre fitting light- RIISAM211B remove, repair and refit tyres and tubes (levers and tyre changing machinery)
  • Tyre fitting heavy – RIISAM210A remove and fit wheel assemblies
  • Tyre Handle (IT loader / tele-handler / forklift)

Training One Australia Also provides tyre awareness courses for supervisors, workshops and on-the-floor workers (operators).

Work environment training

While training your employees in the use of equipment is an obvious choice, there are also many other forms of training that can benefit any operations tremendously. Training One provides training for challenging work environments and for specific tasks.

We provide courses on working in confined spaces (RIIOHS202A ) and working at heights (RIIOHS204A). Both prepare candidates for their working environments with a focus on appropriate guidelines and legislation as well as practical approaches.

Training One also provides training on gas test atmospheres (MSAPMOHS217A) and fire extinguisher use (CPPFES2005A).

Training for high-risk environments

It is important to provide employees working in high-risk environments with appropriate, specialised training. Training One Australia provides courses in elevating work platforms (EWPs), forklifts (LF), cranes (CV, CN, etc.) and dogging (DG). These courses are designed to effectively prepare participants for the risks of, and precautions required for, these settings.

Occupational health and safety

We also offer training in safety practices and techniques. These include:

  • Inductions (Take5, START’s, etc.)
  • Isolation and tagging (RIISAM202A isolate and access plant)
  • Job hazard analysis (JHAs)
  • Audits

Plant, equipment and mining vehicle training

The company provides extensive training for a wide range of vehicles and machinery. Our services are ideal for companies looking to train staff in specialist or new machinery types, and include both theory and practical work. Training typically also involves oral and written / practical assessments, and students will receive a statement of attainment or high-risk work licence upon successful completion.

Courses are typically tailored to take account of site-specific, national or international guidelines. Vehicles and equipment that Training One Australia offers training courses in include, but are not limited to:

  • Light vehicle
  • Haul truck
  • Water truck
  • Rock breaker
  • Grader
  • Wheel dozer
  • Scraper
  • Track dozer
  • Wheel loader
  • Excavator
  • Face shovel
  • Fork lift
  • Elevated work platform (EWP)
  • Overhead travelling crane
  • Vehicle loading crane
  • Non-slewing crane
  • Skid steel loader
  • Backhoe loader
  • Tele-handler
  • Roller / compactor
  • Tyre handler
  • Service truck
  • IT loader
  • Light plant
  • Dewatering

To find out more about Training One Australia’s courses, please contact us using the details or form below.