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The World Leader in Vibrating Wire Technology™ to Monitor Stability of Underground Openings, Pit Slopes and Tailing Dams

Geokon the World Leader in Vibrating Wire Technology™, offering quality, responsive customer service and unique designs.


Geokon Inc wire vibration technology

Geokon the World Leader in Vibrating Wire Technology™, offering quality, responsive customer service and unique designs.

Vibrating wire sensors to monitor underground mine stability

Through innovation and experience, Geokon has developed a line of unsurpassed vibrating wire sensors. These highly reliable devices have contributed in no small way to the growing global acceptance of vibrating wire as the most suitable technology for geotechnical applications. The company specialises in:

  • Geotechnical instrumentation
  • Strain gauges
  • Displacement transducers
  • Extensometers
  • Piezometers
  • Settlement sensors
  • Pressure cells
  • Load cells
  • Inclinometers
  • Tiltmeters
  • Readouts
  • Dataloggers and software
  • Stressmeters
  • Fiber-optics
  • Custom-made instrumentation

Single point mechanical rods for mine tunnel and entry safety

Geokon’s model 1050 A-1 single position rod extensometer is simple, rugged and reliable.

Geokon supplies vibrating wire technologies for stability analysis such as the A-1, which is a popular choice for safety monitoring of tunnels and mine openings.
The A-6 flexible rod extensometer is a super flexible fiberglass rod in protective tubing.
The 5000 borehole deformation gauge measures stresses in rock formations in-situ.
The company offers a hydraulic borehole pressure tool to detect changes in coal and hard rock.
Geokon’s vibrating wire borehole stress meters can be deployed in boreholes of up to 100ft deep, changing their resonant vibration frequency in accordance with rock stress changes.
The company’s 8800 series battery-powered acquisition units collate data from the whole network, and are wireless for lower costs.
Heavy-duty models are available such as the 4500HD Piezometer, which is buried into embankments to monitor earth movements.

The instrument is easily installed and completely recessed within the borehole for optimum protection. Model A-1 is a natural first choice for safety monitoring in and around tunnels and mine openings.

Multiple point flexible rod for ground stability detection

The company’s model A-6 is a multiple point flexible rod extensometer, which has continuous lengths of fiberglass rods held inside protective tubing.

The A-6 rod can be cut to any length required by the client, and is then coiled at the factory for shipping and simpler installation. It is also lightweight, so easy-to-handle during installation and less costly to ship.

On-site assembly time is minimal and implementation is not complicated.

Borehole deformation gauges for pit slopes, excavations and mine pillars

The model 5000 borehole deformation gauge is a proven, US Bureau of Mines-style gauge used to measure in-situ rock stresses using the overcoring technique in rock that is competent and elastic.

The measurement of in-situ stresses is important when designing underground openings such as mines, tunnels, crushing stations, and power houses. It is also useful for determining the inherent stability of pit slopes, foundation excavations, mine pillars and dam abutments.

Hydraulic borehole pressure tool to support mine openings

Model 3200 hydraulic borehole pressure cells are designed to measure rock stress changes in coal and hard rock mines.

By monitoring shifts, the pressure cells help support pillars, roofs and walls of underground openings, and evaporate deposits such as salt, potash and trona.

Borehole stressmeters of vibrating wire

Geokon designed its vibrating wire borehole stressmeters to measure stress changes in hard and soft rock.

The model 4300 unit can be also installed in boreholes up to 100ft deep. The stressmeter consists of a high-strength steel proving ring wedged tightly across one diameter of a borehole, with a vibrating wire tensioned across the other diameter.

Changes in rock stress alter the resonant frequency of vibration of the tensioned wire, which is then recorded.

Wireless network vibrating wire system for area stability monitoring

Geokon offers GeoNet, a battery-powered wireless data acquisition network that is compatible with all of the company’s vibrating wire sensors.

GeoNet uses cluster tree topology to aggregate data from the entire network into a single device. As a network supervisor, GeoNet is especially beneficial for projects where a wired infrastructure would be prohibitively expensive and difficult to install.

Heavy-duty, armoured cable for in-ground measurements

The model 4500HD heavy-duty Piezometer is designed to be buried in fills and dam embankments, where it is used in conjunction with heavily armoured cable to ensure it withstands earth movements during construction.

About Geokon Inc

Geokon’s broad range of geotechnical instrumentation is manufactured at its US factory by a staff of trained, qualified and experienced machinists and assemblers.

Mines worldwide, including the US, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Australia, New Guinea and Zaire, use Geokon instruments to monitor the stability of underground openings or pit slopes.

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    Geokon is located in Lebanon, New hampshre, US, and operates on a worldwide basis through a network of agencies. The company was founded in 1979 an currently has over 100 employees.

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    GEOKON INCORPORATED has announced the opening of a new Singapore-based operation in GEOKON (S) PTE LTD, as well as the appointment of Chiep Ping (CP) Koh as regional director.


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