York Portable Machine Tools manufactures and sells a full line of portable line-boring and bore-welding tools to reduce your heavy equipment downtime.

Portable line-boring machines

The York 4-14ET portable line-boring machine is ideal for on-site line-boring. With a variable-speed feed system and rapid traverse the 4-14ET has proven to be dependable and extremely powerful.

This portable line-boring machine is designed for the end-user who demands the performance, quality and durability of the finest line-boring system offered in today’s market.

Large-bore line-boring machines

With a boring range of 8in to 36in, the York 12-36 line-boring machine is your answer for large bores. Both feed and rotation systems are hydraulically driven and are independently adjustable while in use.

The York 4-14ET portable line-boring machine bores from 1.5in to 16in, reducing your heavy equipment down time.
The York 12-36 line-boring machine for large diameter bores (from 8in to 36in) features the latest advancements in boring bar technology.
The York 830 smart-weld bore welder welds bores from 1.5in to 30in, and features a new approach to bore welding.

The 12-36 line-boring machine features a 3in boring bar with twin lead screws for balanced feeding, and shock-absorbing dampers to reduce tool impact, to ensure longer tool life.

User-friendly bore welders

The latest in bore welder advancements, our Smart Weld Systems model 830 surpasses current bore-welding technology. It is the first bore welder of its kind that does all the weld-speed calculations for you. There is no maze of wires or complicated setup: all the cables are enclosed in the MIG whip, making it very user friendly.

The Smart Weld 830 will mount to most portable boring-bar setups and also works well in a machine shop on the optional tripod base.

Entry-level bore welders

The Easy Weld 6-12 is the first entry-level bore welder with an adjustable step feature that allows you to control the weld bead placement. Other machines use a spiral feed which forces the operator to modify the welding parameters to suit the limitations of the bore welder, but the York Easy Weld allows you to adjust the bore welder to suit the parameters that best suit the application.

This entry-level bore welder can be used with any wire feeder that has burn-back control. It has a simple remote control that adjusts the torch rotation speed and turns the wire feeder on and off. The Easy Weld can weld in any position and mounts to the same set-up plate that supports the boring bar.