Cheminova Flotation Reagents and Collectors

Through the 70 years of its history, Cheminova has grown into the largest basic manufacturer in the world of organophosphorous agrochemicals and fine chemicals compounds, including dithiophosphate flotation collectors.

Danafloat dithiophosphate flotation reagents

Cheminova produces dithiophosphate flotation reagents, which chemically are very similar to the company’s other products. The dithiophosphate collectors are manufactured in a large integrated plant, competitive due to the economics of scale in purchasing and production as well as the very competitive manufacturing processes.

Cheminova’s dithiophosphate collectors are marketed and distributed globally under the brand name Danafloatâ„¢. In addition, Cheminova sells other types of flotation agents to offer a broad product line for froth flotation to the mining industry.

Danafloat flotation reagents are suitable for many metals, particularly copper, lead, zinc, silver, gold and nickel.

Danafloat dithiophosphate flotation reagents product lists by ore type and by product available on Cheminova’s website.

Organophosphate production

Cheminova uses the latest process technologies and methods including continuous processes that are monitored and controlled by the latest computer technologies.

With a top-notch production labour force, a wide range of uniformly high quality organophosphate products are manufactured. In addition, our extensive experience in packaging, labelling and transportation ensures the highest standards for product delivery and environmental compliance.

The company’s core competitive strength is our in-house process development and improvement capabilities. The high capability of our production plant is a reflection of Cheminova’s manufacturing competence.

The continuous production processes, which are closely supervised by operators to maintain constant production flow and consistently high product quality, are state-of-the art.

Phosphorodithioic acids and sodium salt solution production

To control our product quality and costs, Cheminova has vertically integrated our chemical production. Cheminova converts elemental phosphorus and sulphur into phosphorus pentasulfide at the largest such plant in Europe. Selected alcohols are then reacted with the phosphorus pentasulfide to provide the various phosphorodithioic acids and sodium salt solution products Cheminova provides the world.

Sulfhydryl mineral collectors

Because of its organophosphorous product manufacturing expertise and commitment, Cheminova embarked on the manufacture and supply of sulfhydryl mineral collectors to the mining industry. Consequently, Cheminova has expanded its dithiophosphate product lines to include flotation chemicals.

A wide range of flotation dithiophosphate reagents are supplied as acid products and liquid solutions neutralized with sodium, potassium or ammonium hydroxide.

To ensure our products provide the best possible mineral processing circuit performance, we have developed dithiophosphate mixtures and mixtures of dithiophosphates with mercaptobenzothiazole and thionocarbamates that have been developed and tailored for the rigorous needs of the mining industry.

Due to Cheminova’s process flexibility, products can be tailored to our customers’ process requirements. In order to provide a full complement of flotation reagent products, Cheminova also supplies a full range of xanthates.


Cheminova has long experience in distributing products to more than 100 countries around the world. Therefore, our customers can rely on our ability to deliver products at the requested location at the requested time, in order to secure an uninterrupted flow of their process.

Service and technical support

Our field and laboratory technical services personnel support customer design of a flotation reagent suite needed to maximize mineral recovery for each ore. Resultant reagents can include the industry’s widest range of dithiophosphates, thionocarbamates, mercaptobenzothiazole and possibly specifically designed chemistries for your application.

Additionally, product blends may be supplied depending on the metallurgical requirements for a specific ore.

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Press Release

Cheminova to Sponsor Flotation 15 in South Africa

The seventh International Flotation Conference (Flotation 15) is taking at the Vineyard Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa, on 16 - 19 November, 2015.

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High-performance Flotation collectors for Optimal Solutions

Froth flotation is clearly the dominant mineral concentration method for nearly all mineral types such as, but not a complete list, copper, molybdenum, gold-silver, nickel, lead, zinc, phosphate, industrial minerals and potash ores.

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Press Release

29 October 2014

The seventh International Flotation Conference (Flotation 15) is taking at the Vineyard Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa, on 16 - 19 November, 2015.

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Cheminova A/S

PO Box 9

DK-7620 Lemvig



+45 9690 9690 +45 9690 9691

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