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Vela Steel Building Systems

Modular Housing Systems for the Mining Sector

42 Potgieter St,
South Africa

42 Potgieter St,
South Africa

Vela SBS has developed a modular building solution (MBS) for permanent residential buildings throughout Africa, ideal for housing your mining workforce on-site and in comfort.

Vela’s modular building system is based on the structurally insulated panel (SIP) system that is used extensively throughout the US, Canada and Europe.

However, Vela has adapted the SIP system to suit the harsh African conditions and the result is a solid-walled building system that can be flat-packed, transported long distances, easily handled on site and erected quickly.

Modular building accommodation for miners

Vela’s modular building panels are sandwich panels comprising of high density polyurethane foam between two sheaths of fire rated board with structural splines of high tensile steel.

External panels are typically 1.2m wide x 2.4m/2.7m high x 110mm thick. The modular building system is ideally suited to any of following applications:

  • Houses for mines
  • Low cost and affordable housing
  • Double storey flats or duplexes
  • Schools and clinics
  • Single and double storey office buildings
  • Internal fit-out of high rise buildings for residential conversions

Modular building system for remote mining sites

In remote areas such mining sites, raw materials like bricks and cement can prove difficult to gather in quantities large enough to construct accommodation.

However, your miners will need somewhere to recover and the modular building system can provide housing at a competitive price, without the need for significant previous construction experience.

MBS’ interlocking building panels provide the following benefits:

  • Simple to erect – requiring low skills
  • The walls are solid and strong
  • Excellent thermal properties, resulting in reduced electricity costs
  • Flat-pack nature allows for easy transportation
  • Sustainable and green building system
  • Door frames, windows, electrical and plumbing conduits are factory fitted
  • The various panels can be easily inter-changed to suit the design requirements
  • Panels are fire rated and water resistant

Strong, safe and secure on-site mining accommodation

Once erected, the panels are skim plastered, giving the house a conventional look and feel with all of the benefits of a structurally insulated panel.

The strength of the SIPs construction system becomes apparent once the monolithic shell of the construction is complete, with each panel rigidly secured to adjoining panels and sharing stresses and loads. Some of the structural advantages of using SIPs include:

  • SIPs construction is up to seven times stronger than timber frame construction
  • SIP structures provide superior resistance to airborne sound
  • SIPs interlock and secure to adjoining panels which creates a quiet/airtight construction, impervious to water, damp and mould
  • MgO outer boards and polyurethane core provide no food value to vermin or termites
  • Polyurethane inner core to panels does not deteriorate or breakdown over time and has excellent insulation values that will last for the life of the building

Low-cost structurally insulated panel housing

As well as being structurally sound, the SIPs system offers financial benefits. The system can save you money in the following ways:

  • Foundation design requirements are lighter than conventional brick and block due to the lighter panels. This can save you money on foundation work
  • Strength-to-weight ratio is outstanding, with panels weighing on average only 25kg per square meter. This allows for ease of handling on site without the use of cranes
  • SIPs constructed projects can usually be fully erected and water tight in a matter of days giving on average a 60% time saving
  • Installation of SIPs does not require a team of highly skilled professionals or builders. The plans are easy to follow and the panels are simple to erect
  • Construction site waste can be reduced considerably with a SIPs construction as panels would delivered to site pre-cut and engineered ready for installation. There is no need for waste removal
  • A tight building envelope translates to lower heating and cooling requirements

Modular building training from an approved manufacturer

Vela SBS offers on-site or in-house training to competent builders to help you get your mine site ready to welcome workers.

An accredited member of SASFA and an approved profiler and manufacturer, Vela’s MBS system complies with South African, US and UK building standards.

Vela SBS also manufactures roof trusses, lightweight steel walling systems and temporary housing systems.

Modular Building Solutions

Vela's Modular Building System (MBS) is a solid walled rapid building system, which can be flat-packed and transported to remote areas.

Vela Steel Building Systems

42 Potgieter St




South Africa