Smith Systems

Ultra-High-Reliability Sensor Products for Speed, Motion and Temperature Monitoring

Smith Systems is an ISO 9001 certified designer and manufacturer of standard and custom speed, motion and temperature sensors, as well as cable harnessing and mobile sensor testing equipment.

Our solutions are used by many industries, including mining, rail, heavy equipment, aerospace, motorsports and racing, marine, and industrial applications. We also develop products for both the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket sectors within the mining industry.

Smith Systems strives to offer the best quality and longest-lasting products on the market at the lowest price possible. Our variable reluctance (VR) passive sensors, temperature sensors, cable harnessing, and zero-speed hall-effect sensors are ‘Designed to Survive®’ in your operating environment.

Passive / variable reluctance sensors

Smith Systems manufactures high-performance passive / VR sensors designed to operate in high-temperature environments.

These types of sensors output sinusoidal waves that reflect the speed of magnetic and non-magnetic targets, such as gears, shafts, blades, etc.

VR passive sensors require a minimum speed for sufficient output and monitoring. Smith Systems can produce a wide range of sensor variations such as housing styles and materials, lengths of cable, and connectors.

Zero-speed hall-effect sensors

Smith Systems manufactures high-reliability and high-precision zero-speed hall-effect sensors.

These types of sensors output square waves for every object that passes them within their specified air gap. Hall-effect sensors also require an input voltage, allowing them to monitor speed down to virtually zero miles per hour.

Typical targets for these sensors are gears, shafts, blades, etc. Hall-effect sensors can also be used for proximity, and reflect whether something in front of them is present or absent.

Multiple channels can be used, allowing the user to determine speed and direction, as well as enable multiple outputs.

High-performance temperature sensors

Smith Systems’ heavy-duty temperature sensors can be produced using a number of different methods. A wide range of options is available for output curves, custom and standard housings, cable lengths and connectors.

Custom designs are produced with the sensor’s environmental requirements in mind.

Cable harnessing solutions

Smith Systems manufactures cable harnessing for pairing with sensors and other equipment used in adverse environments.

Designs take into consideration all environmental factors and are offered with a range of cable lengths, connectors, material, conductor colour and armour jacketing.

Mobile sensor testing equipment

For customers who need a way to test their sensors on-site, Smith Systems produces a number of mobile testing products for use in the field, or for incoming inspection.

These range from small battery-powered mobile hand testing units to entire mobile test labs that utilise oscilloscopes.

Customised Sensors

Dealing with the same old prices and headaches is over. Customize your sensor to best fit in your operating environment.

PTC In Your Consideration

With multiple designs that have been in use for over 14 years, Smith Systems offers some of the highest reliability available solutions from the USA.