Orbit Drilling, Australia

Orbit Drilling has almost three decades of experience in the mineral exploration industry, offering an extensive range of services that covers diamond coring / RAB / air core / reverse circulation / mud rotary / auger / geotechnical and water well drilling.

Orbit Drilling offer a customised service to adapt to your Company’s business objectives, and individual needs.

Orbit operates throughout Australia, Africa, and internationally, with its team of experienced personnel having completed drilling operations in some of the most challenging terrain and conditions.

Orbit Drilling a leader in specialist drilling services for mining operations.
Orbit Drilling offers state-of-the-art communication and IT centres.
Drill rigs are always supported by a fleet of support vehicles to ensure that all projects run smoothly.
Orbit operates throughout Australia and internationally, with drill rigs currently operating in Africa.

High-performance drill rigs for mining operations

Orbit’s eco-friendly, high-performance fleet comprises of 20 drill rigs that are able to deliver a multitude of drilling techniques. Orbit equipment includes all-terrain vehicles, with the ability to access remote locations.

In addition, our range of support vehicles allows Orbit to mobilise staff, equipment and consumables quickly and efficiently. All Orbit machinery is maintained to the highest standards, and our professional on-site team is committed to providing expertise with cost-effective outcomes.

Remote on-site camp facilities

Orbit Drilling are able to supply accommodation to suit the harshest terrains, while maintaining comfortable modern and reliable living conditions for any workforce.

Communications systems and IT solutions

Orbit’s continual satellite communication systems, have the ability to maintain service levels to our clients and workforce at the highest standard.

Our standard operating communications kit comprises a tablet device, which has access to phone, emails, printers and drill logging sheets.

Management and admin staff working hundreds of kilometres away can access shared documents, boosting efficiency of operations and reducing expenditure.

Testing and tagging of electrical equipment and fire extinguishers

On-site safety testing of clients’ electrical equipment and fire extinguishers is provided by Orbit Drilling, as a value added service.

Once complete, items are issued with relevant legal paperwork, which is emailed to the Safety OH&S Officer. All inspections are performed in accordance with Australian Standards for items that include caravans, offices, tools extension cables and electrical equipment.

Our team

Orbit Drilling employs highly dedicated and trained experts in the field of operation. Orbit Drilling has successfully completed in excess of 100 projects and as a result we have established an unwavering reputation for providing reliable, innovative and value added services to our clients.