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Heavy-Duty Weighing

1900 Polaris Parkway,
Ohio 43240 Other,
United States of America

1900 Polaris Parkway,
Ohio 43240 Other,
United States of America

Whether you are weighing ore, slabs of metal, iron pellets or copper anodes, METTLER TOLEDO provides innovative and reliable heavy-duty solutions.

Steel and concrete deck weighbridges

We offer a complete line of vehicle scale products, accessories and services. Truck scales are available with steel deck and concrete deck weighbridges designed for applications that range from light commercial to extreme heavy-duty. Scales are available for weighing both trucks and rail cars, and conversion kits are available to retrofit existing truck scales and rail / scales with the latest weighing technology.

Load cell technology

POWERCELL® brand load cells have stood up to the most extreme forces of nature in truck and rail scales for more than 20 years. POWERCELL PDX load cells have been designed to remove the most common causes of vehicle scale failure. This provides a new level of reliability that is enhanced with internal predictive diagnostics to keep you continuously informed about your scale’s performance. POWERCELL PDX is designed to be used in virtually any environment to provide you with unmatched performance and industry leading total cost of ownership.

Over-the-road truck scales

Scales in this category are designed for trucks that are used in normal highway transportation. The modular design of these products allow for customisation to suit your exact needs. We offer a wide range of steel and concrete deck designs that use our POWERCELL PDX load cell technology to provide proven performance and exceptional durability.

Off-road weighbridges

Scales in this category are designed for large trucks that are typically used in off-road applications where loads can range from 50t to 500t. The flexible design of these products allow for customisation to suit your exact needs. The steel deck designs that use our POWERCELL PDX load cell technology provide proven performance and unmatched reliability.

Combination truck and rail scales

Combination truck and rail scales provide one scale capable of weighing both types of vehicles. A section of rail is used to weigh rail cars, and an integral concrete deck forms the weighbridge for weighing trucks. POWERCELL load cells combine proven performance with exceptional durability.

Conversions kits for truck and rail scales

Conversion kits are available for retrofitting existing truck and rail scales with the latest electronic weighing technology. These easy-to-install kits can be used to install POWERCELL PDX load cells in place of high-maintenance lever systems, analog load cells, and hydraulic load cells. Kits are also available to update previous generations of POWERCELL to the latest technology.

Vehicle scale accessories

With a complete line of vehicle scale products, accessories, and services, METTLER TOLEDO can provide the solution that best meets your needs. METTLER TOLEDO manufactures vehicle scale indicators and terminals to meet every need, whether for basic or advanced transactions, complex data handling, or to handle multiple scales. Our selection of scale accessories include:

  • ticket printers
  • Remote displays
  • Vehicle scale software solutions
  • Weigh in motion (WIM) systems

Reliable Vehicle Weighing

Moving bulk goods or raw materials into or out of a processing facility effectively is critical to plant productivity. As a result, unplanned truck scale downtime can seriously impact the total product output of a processing plant and threaten profit margins.

Digital Compensation in POWERCELL Load Cells

Certain weighing errors are inherent to all strain gage load cells. The factors that cause these errors are both internal (design, material properties, and manufacturing techniques) and external (temperature, time, and load).

Kiruna Iron Ore Mine, Sweden

With an ore body 4km-long, 80m-thick and reaching a depth of 2km, LKAB’s Kiruna is the world’s largest, most modern underground iron ore mine located in northern Sweden.

POWERCELL PDX Load Cells Protects Your Profits

The new POWERCELL™ PDX™ load cell does more than just improve vehicle weighing. It fundamentally changes it through innovations that deliver greater accuracy and reliability than ever before. This revolutionary load cell protects against the problems that eat into your profits.

METTLER TOLEDO Launches New POWERCELL PDX Vehicle Scale System ROI Calculators

METTLER TOLEDO has created tools to assist in your evaluation. These calculators allow you to input details about your specific operation, and view financial outcomes. See how a high-quality scale can protect your profits from weighing errors, and avoid costly downtime and repair. Furthermore, th

Truck Scales That Eliminate Unplanned Downtime

Nothing ruins your productivity like unplanned downtime. To prevent this, METTLER TOLEDO developed the POWERCELL® PDX® load cell system. When coupled with proactive service, the system provides the technology to eliminate unplanned downtime on your truck scale. No matter what c

Obtain Higher Weighing Capacities and Lightning Protection

In order to boost productivity and to move coal quicker, Solar Sources needed a larger truck scale. METTLER TOLEDO supplied a heavy-duty truck scale capable of weighing new off-road trucks with higher capacities. The scales include POWERCELL® MTX® load cells which protect against costly d

Mettler Toledo to Host Webinar about POWERCELL PDX

Learn more about the revolutionary POWERCELL PDX load cell, unsurpassed in reliability and accuracy. Webinar outline: Load cells: the heart of every scale Total cost of ownership Better technology, better performance About POWERCELL

VTC221 Truck Scale Receives Top Rollout Recognition by Aggregates Manager

Mettler Toledo, the leading global supplier of vehicle weighing systems and services, received the Top 25 Rollouts of 2010 recognition by Aggregates Manager for the newly released VTC221 Truck Scale. The VTC221 is the strongest concrete scale on the market today. It combines a concrete


1900 Polaris Parkway


Ohio 43240


United States of America