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Ultimate Metal Protection Solutions for Contamination and Corrosion

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Oxifree Metal Protection is an international corporation located in Houston, Texas, US, with a global presence in 23 countries, established to offer resolution to the global corrosion and contamination issues suffered by industry and infrastructure.

Our innovative and environmentally safe polymeric resin encapsulation system, Oxifree TM198, has combined all the best characteristics of existing protective coatings into one unique solution, which is reusable and removable. Oxifree TM198 envelops the substrate in a liquid state, creating a passive protective shield within seconds as the material instantly solidifies on the substrate, while the inhibitors in our formula work actively to preserve your equipment and arrest any existing corrosion or contamination.

Contamination protection for moving and rotating machinery

Oxifree TM198 was specially formulated to shield rotating equipment from external factors that cause bearing failures. By encapsulating the rotating equipment from the harsh environment it operates in, Oxifree TM198 enables the equipment to be operational for the intended design lifespan.

Oxifree TM198 does not adhere to the metal beneath, and is self-lubricating due to the continuous release of organic inhibiting oils. This makes it ideal for machinery with moving / rotating parts, as well as protection of bolting and moving internal parts.

Top: Oxifree TM198 being extruded onto a bearing for complete coverage and protection during storage. Middle: Complete coating. Bottom: Oxifree TM198 can be easily cut away with a standard blade.
Left: A heavily corroded valve and flange assembly that has been subjected to a sulphuric acid atmospheric environment. Right: Oxifree TM198 will extend the flange life without reducing functionality.
Left: Oxifree TM198 applied to a shovel hoist shaft in preparation for storage, thus protecting the integrity of this valuable machined asset and easily removed when required for use.
Protection of the driven pulley bearing housings: Oxifree TM198 can be applied prior to installation for storage purposes, and applied on existing assets.

Bearing contamination protection for mining equipment

Oxifree TM198 provides an exceptional innovative solution to bearing contamination through the encapsulation of the housing structures and the output shafts themselves, creating an impervious labyrinth.

Contamination resistance to reduce mining downtime

Mining companies the world over have all suffered outages and downtime expenses due to the harshness of the environments they are operating in, and the complexity of the operations they are carrying out.

A very large contributor to mining operation downtime is equipment breakdown and, in particular, conveyor stoppages due to motor and bearing failures. Many of the failures of rotating equipment are due to moisture, dust, chemicals and other contaminants getting beyond seals and breaking down the integrity of internal bearings through grease contamination. This results in heat build-up, abrasion, corrosion, etc. Once this process has started it cannot be reversed, causing failures and the need for parts replacement at great expense in manpower and equipment, and millions of dollars in productivity downtime.

Conveyor housing protection for mining organizations

Oxifree TM198 has great success and a large track record for protection of bearing housings used in conveyor systems for the world’s biggest mining organizations. Both Vale and Samarco rely on Oxifree TM198 to exponentially extend the operational life of their pulley systems, in some cases by a factor of more than 30 times, where bearings were failing after one month, but are now still operational after three years.

Proven financial benefits of bearing protection

A recent study conducted in South America to analyze the direct and indirect costs for bearing replacement found that the direct cost is six times the direct cost of applying the Oxifree TM198. When you then consider the downtime cost, this benefit will increase significantly.

The study involved 30 bearing replacements, the man hours required to replace the bearings each month for 30 months, the cost of bearings themselves and the cost per hour of non-productivity of the line at 150,000t.

The total cost benefit of using Oxifree TM198 was $18,346,964, just for the 30-month life extension provided by protecting the bearing housings on only one conveyor line.

Corrosion protection for rotating and metal machinery parts

Competing industrial protective products often require hours of surface preparation, multiple coats and specific environmental conditions. In most industries, more than one solution is needed to protect different metal parts, while protecting rotating parts is almost impossible… until now.

Oxifree products are proven to outperform all traditional methods of protection and are increasingly being recognized by the world’s leading industrial companies, in oil and gas, mining, petrochemical, utilities, marines, pulp and paper, power generation, power distribution and chemical sectors, as the leading solution to protect complex metal structures from contamination and corrosion.

For the application of Oxifree TM198, we offer a range of specially developed Oxifree Polymelt application machines. Application is simple, requiring little or no surface preparation and no surface profile. Wire brush away any loose material, industrial wash if greasy, wipe or blow dry, then you are ready to apply.

Our solution is proven to significantly reduce maintenance costs, prolong the life of metallic structures and reduce equipment down time.

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