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PO Box 13 / Nokiankatu 1, FIN-38211 VAMMALA,Other, Finland

PO Box 13 / Nokiankatu 1, FIN-38211 VAMMALA,Other, Finland

Teknikum Oy is one of the leading manufacturers of rubber and polymer products in the Nordic countries and forms the main part of Teknikum Group Ltd. The key business areas are mining industry, infrastructure, industrial hoses and vehicle industry.

Teknikum mining industry products include mill lining components, screen media, rubber wear plates, conveyor impact bars, charging hoses, hoses for hose pumps, material handling hose and hose couplings. In addition to this, the company also manufactures connecting hoses in straight sections, T branches and 90° bends.

Teknikum Oy has three production departments: mould products, hoses and plastic products. The main market areas are in the Nordic countries and Central Europe. The company has approximately 200 employees.

With over 40 years of experience and modern production technology, Teknikum has become one of the most significant companies in the field. The company’s own mould designs and rubber compound development combine to meet customer requirements.


The design of lining components and the choice of rubber material are made to meet the process requirements. Our goal is to achieve the best possible wear life and grinding performance. To find the correct lining profile, we follow the MILLCALC simulation programme.

For lining and wearing components, we use TRL-rubber compounds, which have especially been developed for use in the mining industry. Our laboratory guarantees our customers continuous development and testing. Practical tests are carried out together with our customers in real operating conditions.


For mines and concentration plants we make:

  • Charging hoses
  • Hoses for hose pumps
  • TITAN, GRANIT and TITAN PLUS material handling hose


The TITAN, GRANIT and TITAN PLUS hoses used in sludge transfer are manufactured to suit all of the most common hose couplings. The hoses can be equipped with a range of our own couplings made of Nyrim, which is completely corrosion free and shock resistant.

The TITAN PLUS is a special hose to be used in applications where the working pressure of ordinary sludge hoses and couplings is not sufficient. Its structure and measurements are designed individually, case-by-case.

The TITAN PLUS hose is equipped with what is known as a rotating connector, which facilitates the installation of large hoses. The connection does not need a separate gasket.

Tekinikum at Achema 2006

Teknikum Oy will be at Achema in Hall 8, A14-15 via our German subsidiary company T.OY-TEK Schlauchtechnologie GmbH and with our co-operator Roman Seliger (coupling manufacturor). We are exhibiting hoses and couplings for industrial purposes.

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