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Mining Equipment and Process Services

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Tecnicas Hidraulicas has more than 40 years’ experience in delivering turnkey installations for the mining industry.

Mining equipment and process services

Tecnicas, through its division TH Minerals, offers a wide range of equipment to the mining industry, including filtration, thickening, pumping, crushing, screening, feeding, grinding and classifying systems. Our services include site inspection, process design, plant optimisation, equipment manufacturing, commissioning and after-sales services.

We provide everything from single machines to complete installations, both in stationary and mobile, and our global presence, state-of-the-art service, experience and proven equipments make Tecnicas Hidraulicas the right partner to ensure the optimum process solutions.

Minerals filter press technology

Tecnicas is a specialist in solid / liquid separation processing and technologies. Supported by more than 40 years’ experience, we have installations in operation all over the world and offer a wide range of applications, specially focused in the mining industry.

Mafube coal preparation plant, with six of TH Minerals, APN18SL36 filter presses for coal tailings dewatering. Image courtesy of Mafube, Anglo American.
TH Minerals, APN-SIX piston membrane slurry pump provides reliable and cost-effective solutions for dense thickener underflow pumping and filter press application.
TH Minerals NK-CL thickener: its lamellar design provides increased treatment capacity compared to conventional thickener. Suitable for various industrial water treatment applications.
TH Minerals completes solutions for the quarrying industry, includng site inspection, process design, equipment supply and after-sales services.

Our filtration surfaces range from 1.4 m² to 600m². Key features of our minerals filter press technology includes:

  • Revolutionary plate design suitable for demanding applications, ensuring high filtration rate and low surface moisture, the plate design guaranties positive cake discharge in any application
  • Few moving parts, all movements (opening-closing, cake discharge) are done by means of hydraulic cylinders
  • Single hydraulic power unit for filter press and pump reduces energy consumption
  • Own design hydraulic drive piston-membrane slurry pump, higher filtration pressure and lower OPEX
  • Fully automatic with no need of personnel during operation
  • High availability and low OPEX
  • Accessible and easy maintenance
  • Various process options, including cake compression, cake washing and cloth washing

Slurry piston membrane pumps

Combined with our APN filter press, the slurry piston membrane pump is specially designed for handling thickener underflow with high-solids content and is a perfect solution for the dewatering processes.

The pump provides variable flow and pressure with a smooth operation, which prevents agitation and keeps the slurry from degrading during pumping. Its hydraulic drive ensures effectiveness and reliability with only one moving part. The pump has a flow rate range from 4m3/hr to 250m3/hr.

Lamellar clarifier thickener

Due to its innovative lamellar design, Tecnicas’ minerals NK-CL lamellar clarifier thickener is suitable for higher solids, settling flux and good clarity of the overflow is obtained. The cone type storage arrangement allows high-density underflow. It has a higher treatment capacity compared to traditional thickeners.

About TH Minerals

Tecnicas Hidraulicas has more than 40 years experience delivering turnkey installations for the mineral processing and recycling industries. Feeding, crushing, screening and conveying equipment engineered to obtain maximum productivity.

Our services include site inspection, process design, plant optimisation, equipment manufacturing, commissioning and after sales services. We provide from single machines to complete installations, both in stationary and mobile.


  • Muga Potash Project

    The Muga potash mine is located approximately 50km south-east of Pamplona, straddling the communities of Undués de Lerda and Urriés in Aragón Province, and Sangüesa and Javier in Navarra Province, Spain.

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