Evacu8 is a revolutionary personal tracking and emergency evacuation system designed to ensure the safety of mining personnel worldwide.

We aim to make mining safe and assist our clients in reaching their ‘zero harm’ target while increasing mine output to ensure optimal efficiency.

Evacu8 believes that mining and safety can go together and demonstrates how this is possible through its system.

Evacu8 is a specialised evacuation solution for the mining sector.
Our solution aims to ensure worker safety during emergencies.
Through monitored tags, Evacu8 sends alerts to personnel if they are entering restricted or hazardous areas.

Evacuation systems for mining environments

The Evacu8 solution is based on three objectives, specifically the safety of miners, process and personnel monitoring, and increased mine production. We achieve these goals by ensuring a user-centric approach.

We assist mines in reaching their ‘zero harm’ target, which is established by the Mining Health and Safety and then endorsed by our president.

Personnel tracking functionalities for emergencies

Evacu8 enables trackable worker movement in the event of a crisis or an emergency.

Designed to facilitate search and rescue (SAR) missions, the system can assist with locating potentially trapped miners before they are trapped and become difficult to locate.

Access control for restricted areas

Evacu8 can grant access to certain areas in the mine and also mark restricted areas.

All employees carrying a tag are monitored, which allows us to assign certain areas to specified members of personnel. When the employee enters a restricted area, the tag sends an alert to the web application dashboard and logs that user as a trespasser.

This functionality ensures that employees do not enter areas that are restricted or unsafe.

Data analysis capabilities

All movements of personnel and assets are assessed by our algorithms and a report is generated to aid the daily operations of the mine.

This report includes information such as worker presence, asset class and asset movement, worker efficiency, and optimised utilisation.

Panic alarms for female personnel

Evacu8’s Panic/Find Me feature is designed for two purposes, namely to locate a trapped or injured miner and assist women in mining.

Through our research, we have found that abuse in mining is on the rise and there is no immediate way of stopping it. With our innovation, women can ‘ring the bell’ when they are attacked by their male counterparts in underground mines.

This can be done via our tags, which come with a button that can be pressed in a panic state.

This button will immediately alert security of the user’s location in the mine. We believe this solution will assist in bringing gender-based violence statistics down in the mines and eventually bring them to an end.

Human and machine collision avoidance

Evacu8 enables mining personnel to avoid human and machine collision. By monitoring both personnel and assets, we are able to detect and stop human and machine collisions before they take place.

Our technology will vibrate violently in its effort to alert both driver and pedestrian of a potential accident, therefore warning the pedestrian to move out of the way and the drive to change course.

We believe it is one of the ways we are making mining safe for both employee and employer.