Prysmian Cables and Systems (formerly Pirelli Cables and Systems) is market leader and ‘innovation driver’ in all major energy and telecom cables business activities. The development of materials, designs and processes enables Prysmian to offer a wide range of standard and specialist products for highly diverse applications. Prysmian is also the leader in cable products for critical applications (resistance to extremely high temperatures, fire, mechanical stress, chemical agents and nuclear radiation).

Prysmian, formerly belonging to Pirelli, has for more than a century grown as a truly multinational corporation deeply rooted in all local markets throughout the world and has built upon his core sectors. It has achieved this position thanks to its geographical presence (52 plants in 21 countries and 5 continents); its outstanding human potential (more than 12,000 people); its solid financial position (a t/o of almost 3 bEuro in 2004) and its technical and managerial capability (thousands of intellectual property registrations since 1999). The marketing network covers more than 120 countries all over the world.

The Prysmian Group concentrates on constant product innovation and on achieving a competitive edge by focusing on research and development. This is done by Prysmian’s own R&D teams and several institutions and, above all, with customers. Prysmian’s goal is to always be the best partner to its customers. This is achieved by constantly working on technological, logistical and competitive excellence.

The mining world is no exeption to this. Prysmian’s mining cable unit is active in creating new and better cables and cabling solutions as well as improving existing ones. Mining cables are mainly manufactured in Germany (Neustadt). There is innovation, know-how, experience in production and application and a strong and long tradition of keeping close contact with the mining customers.

30 kV PROTOLON(M) Reeling Cable with integrated fibre optics in operation within a lignite coal mine, Rheinbraun, Germany.
PROTOLON(SB) flexible trailing cable in operation within a copper mine.
Coal shearer with PROTOMONT(V) cable in a cable protection chain.
An example of cable design: PROTOLON(M)-R (N) Medium Voltage Reeling Cable with integrated Fibre Optics.
PROTOLON® and PROTOMONT® reeling and trailing cables for opencast and underground mining have been field proven worldwide for decades.

Opencast and underground mining

Opencast and underground mining requires ever-increasing performance of machines and methods. This has led to the large machines in use today. On bucket wheel and dragline excavators, an installed power of more than 15MW and voltages of up to 35kV is no longer unusual.

These large movable machines require medium voltage flexible reeling and trailing cables for power supply and are suitable for operations under extreme conditions.

PROTOLON® and PROTOMONT® reeling and trailing cables for opencast and underground mining have been field proven worldwide for decades. In these mining applications, particular requirements such as mechanical strength and safety has led to the use of high-grade rubber materials.

Prysmian has developed extensive know-how over many years for opencast and underground mining with its special operational conditions.

The decisive factor was close cooperation with many significant mining companies. The experience gained continually contributed to the design of PROTOLON® and PROTOMONT® mining cables.

The high operational reliability and service life of Prysmian’s reeling and trailing cables for mining is based on

  • the use of high grade, matched materials and
  • careful manufacture
  • quality and environmental management system acc. ISO 9001 and 14001 standards

Opencast mining cable products

  • PROTOLON(M)-R – Medium voltage reeling cable with and without integrated fibre optics
  • PROTOLON(M)-F – Medium voltage flexible cable for fixed installation with and without integrated fibre optics
  • PROTOLON(M) – Low voltage flexible cable for fixed installation
  • PROTOLON MSR – Flexible data, signal and control cables for mining installations
  • OPTOFLEX(M) – Rubber sheathed flexible fibre optic cable
  • PROTOLON(ST) – Medium voltage flexible cable for use in water (e.g. dredgers, pumps)
  • PROTOLON(SB) – Medium voltage flexible cable for trailing operations(e.g. excavators)

Underground mining cable products acc. VDE standards

  • PROTOMONT(V) – Coal shearer cable for chain operation
  • PROTOMONT(Z) – Coal shearer cable for trailing operation
  • PROTOMONT – Medium voltage flexible cable for fixed installation
  • SUPROMONT – Medium voltage flexible cable for fixed installation
  • CORDAFLEX – Low voltage reeling cable
  • PROTOMONT – Medium voltage cables for tunnel driving machines

Underground mining cables acc. British standard 6708

  • Type 11, Type 7, Type 7S, Type 7M, Type 307, Type 307S, Type 307M Flexible trailing cables for use with coalcutters and similar face equipment
  • Type 211, Type 201, Type 62, Type 63, Type 64, Type 321, Type 331 Flexibile trailing cables with galvinized steel wire pliable wire armouring for use as mine extension cables in quarries and coalface lighting

Cable finder

On our companies website (Energy unit) you will find a CABLE FINDER. That enables you to choose the most suitable cable for your application. Click on the TECHNERGY symbol on the company website.