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Biodiversity Surveying and Nature Impact Reporting

NatureMetrics provides technology for mining companies to survey biodiversity, optimise environmental impact assessments, and meet incoming regulations such as the TNFD and SBTI.

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NatureMetrics is a nature intelligence technology company that provides end-to-end biodiversity surveying and nature impact reporting capabilities. We aim to help deliver a nature-positive economy by empowering mining companies to make the best decisions for nature. Our solutions are trusted by more than 500 companies in 104 countries across the world.

Their technology is powered by environmental DNA (eDNA), an innovative method of monitoring biodiversity with significant advantages over conventional surveying techniques.

An easy-to-use digital platform allows businesses to monitor and manage nature risk on site and across portfolios. An automated metrics pipeline translates complex datasets into clear, simple trends and insights.

The technology is underpinned by a Nature Strategy Service with deep experience of working with leading extractives companies to respond to new nature regulations, and develop and implement best-in-class nature strategy.

eDNA can be used to monitor biodiversity safely and effectively in any ecosystem, including offshore and soil biology.
NatureMetrics enables species-level biodiversity monitoring across vast landscapes, and automatically transforms this data into actionable isnights.
NatureMetrics platform, and the repeatability of eDNA, make it the gold standard for tracking mitigation and restoration effectiveness.
NatureMetrics launches the first enterprise-grade Nature Intelligence platform in 2023. It is designed to help companies make better decisions for biodiversity and meet incoming nature reporting requirements, like the TNFD and GBF.

Advantages of eDNA for measuring nature at scale

eDNA allows entire landscapes to be examined using volumes of data that would be impossible to collect with conventional methods. All the while offering granular, species-level insights that are impossible to collect with drones or earth observation data.

The surveys are easy to perform, requiring just a few minutes of training before users can take high-integrity samples. When compared with conventional monitoring on past projects, each of these samples may yield data on more than twice as many species despite being just a fraction of the time and cost.

These time saving and non-invasive sampling methods significantly reduce health and safety concerns for site teams.

eDNA can be used to help make more informed decisions and improve reporting across the whole mitigation hierarchy.

It can optimise environmental impact assessments too. eDNA increases the efficiency and effectiveness of EIAs through the early detection of invasive, endangered and sensitive species, to improve biodiversity baselining, and to better monitor impact over time.

NatureMetrics is the commercial leader in eDNA. Our extensive range of tests spans taxonomical groups, including vertebrates, invertebrates, and below-ground biodiversity including bacteria and fungi.

Save time on data analysis with automated metrics

Another advantage of eDNA over conventional monitoring is that data outputs are repeatable, standardised, and rigorous. eDNA surveys also detect more species, which means smaller data gaps. These advantages make eDNA data suitable for generating high-integrity metrics and insights.

Users of NatureMetrics automatically receive 11 Metrics and Insights alongside their data. These are designed to make the data higher impact and more actionable.

These include metrics like Evolutionary Diversity, which has been used to track the recovery of sites under restoration. Fungal:Bacterial Diversity, which plays a key role in measuring soil health. And Marine Sediment Pollution, which uses invertebrates as a proxy for measuring pollution in marine ecosystems.

You can browse the full list of 11 Insights and Metrics here. You can also organise a demo of our Nature Intelligence Platform, including the automated metrics suite.

The data is also commercially robust and auditable, so it can be shared easily with regulators, financial institutions and other third parties to show positive nature impacts and progress over time.

Make data more actionable with the Nature Intelligence Platform

In 2023, NatureMetrics’ launched the world’s first enterprise-grade, Nature Intelligence Platform on a subscription model.

The platform creates efficiencies by enabling users to view and manage all of their eDNA projects in one place. Easy-to-use tools enable users to add temporal and spatial context to their data through a series of visually impactful maps and graphs.

It also reduces costs & increases effectiveness by giving users access to an automated Biodiversity Metrics pipeline. These metrics make it easier for users to track progress, understand their impact, and to improve boardroom and stakeholder communications.

Ensure your strategy responds to incoming nature requirements

To compliment their technological offerings, NatureMetrics also offers Nature Strategy advisory services. They have deep corporate sustainability expertise led by Pippa Howard, a 20-year industry veteran whose background includes roles at Fauna & Flora International and Cambridge University’s Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

They help biodiversity managers win board-level buy-in, align with global biodiversity frameworks, impact and dependency mapping, and implementing monitoring and evaluation frameworks.

For more information, please get in touch with NatureMetrics using the contact form on this page.

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1 Occam Court, Surrey Research Park
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