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Z* provides an independent mineral resource consulting service to the mining industry and investment community. Specialising in sample optimisation, geostatistical estimation and mineral resource classification, Z* prides itself on being totally independent in the provision of a consulting service that combines leading-edge scientific analysis and techniques with sound practical reasoning.

Z* is a world leader in the evaluation of all types of diamond deposit and is proud to be a preferred supplier to the De Beers group of companies, who operate globally. In addition, Z* works on a wide range of other mineral commodities and has experience in the evaluation of gold, uranium and base metals projects. Importantly, all projects are undertaken by experienced principal mineral resource analysts with the appropriate level of competency.

Geology services

Z* principal analysts boast a wealth of experience in reviewing geology models and will ensure that the fundamental components are correctly incorporated into the mineral resource estimate. Z* firmly believes in forging a close working relationship with project geologists as it views the geological model as the key foundation of any mineral resource estimate.

Geology sampling

Z* has considerable experience in all aspects of sampling including sample design, optimisation, assurance and QA/QC. Sampling is critical in terms of providing representative data for estimating mineral resources. The provision of data that is spatially representative and of high integrity will maximise the accuracy and confidence of the mineral resource estimates.

Z* principal mineral resource analysts are geologists with extensive experience in mineral resource estimation. <br><br>
Z* provides sampling, which is critical in terms of providing representative data for estimating mineral resources.<br><br>
Z* provides expert advice on data collection, validation, management, storage and reporting.<br><br>
Z* offers specialised mineral resource estimation services.<br><br>
Z* has extensive experience in the classification of mineral resources in compliance with international reporting codes.

Mineral resource and reserve data management

Z* has the experience to provide expert advice on data collection, validation, management, storage and reporting. Typically, mineral resource and reserve information encompasses a vast array of complex data types, all of which require consideration in terms of optimal data handling and amalgamation into a combined, user-friendly database environment.

Mineral resource estimation

Z* offers specialised services, extensive technical experience and competence in all aspects of mineral resource estimation. Its principals have widespread technical knowledge and experience in the application of both linear and non-linear geostatistical methodologies. The company offers the following estimation services:

  • Global, zonal and local block mineral resource and reserve estimation
  • Reconciliation of mineral resources and reserves
  • Geostatistical simulations for risk sensitivity
  • Competent /qualified person reports

Diamond estimation and modelling services

Z*’s specialist diamond services include micro diamond estimation and size frequency distribution (SFD) modelling.

Mineral resource classification

Z* has extensive experience in the classification of mineral resources in compliance with international reporting codes. Z*’s classification process provides a thorough, semi-quantitative assessment of the significant components that comprise the mineral resource estimate. The company recommends the application of simulation technology to qualify mineral resource confidence categories.

Mineral resource management governance and assurance

Z* has comprehensive experience in all aspects of corporate governance related to mineral resource management. It has participated in numerous initiatives aimed at improving governance on both an operational and corporate scale. This has been achieved through the pro-active introduction of tailor-made MRM policies and procedures based on substantial practical experience and technical knowledge.

Z* also provides assurance by way of independent reviews and due diligence audits, of which there are three principal levels:

  • High-level review (typically five days)
  • Comprehensive review (typically two to three weeks)
  • Detailed audit (typically two to three months)

About Z*

Z* was founded in 2008 by four geologists, who each have more than 20 years of professional experience in the mining industry. The founding members and executive directors of Z* are principal mineral resource analysts with strong geological and mining backgrounds that have been supplemented with specialist post-graduate qualifications in geostatistics.


  • Liqhobong Diamond Mine, Lesotho

    The Liqhobong diamond mine, located within the Liqhobong valley in the Maluti mountains, approximately 120km east-northeast (ENE) of Maseru, is owned by Liqhobong Mining Development Company (LMDC), a company owned by Firestone Diamonds (75%) and the Kingdom of Lesotho (25%).

  • Mpokoto Gold Project, Katanga Province

    The Mpokoto gold project is located approximately 250km west of the mining town of Kolwezi, within the Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of Congo, and approximately 25km from the Zambian border.

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