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Prefabricated Buildings

Established in 1961, Trimo is one of the leading European producers of modular prefabricated buildings. Our commitment to top-quality solutions is reflected in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001 and CE certificates for our products. Our production facilities are located in Slovenia and in the United Arab Emirates, so we are in position to quickly and efficiently supply our solutions to any location in the world.

Flexible and cost-effective complete modular camp solutions

Trimo’s durable modular space solutions offer exceptional price / performance value for complete camp solutions, commercial offices, housing and accommodation projects, or for any other uses as demanded. Modular units can be shipped assembled or flat-packed, which keeps transport costs to a minimum. The units can then be assembled on site with minimal tools required. Units can also be easily disassembled after use and transferred to a new location.

Extensive range of prefabricated modular units and buildings

The mining accommodation solutions address the need for various different spaces when living and working in residential areas thus maximising comfort and adapting to the location’s specific requirements. As a result Trimo has an extensive product range, including:

  • Modular prefabricated buildings
  • Accommodation units
  • Sanitary and ablution units – LLS units
  • Offices
  • Kitchen, dining and recreation facilities
  • Schools and kindergartens
  • Telecommunication units
  • Modular hospitals
  • Storage facilities and shelters
  • Reinforced units
  • Tailor-made units to customer specifications

Remote site camps and facilities

Trimo’s complete camp solutions are safe, comfortable and inviting places to live and work. A broad catalogue of modular camp facilities allows the company to provide complete turnkey solutions catering for commercial, mining, military and humanitarian applications.

Prefabricated and containerised buildings can be easily transported and rapidly deployed, making Trimo an ideal choice for mining applications. Trimo’s modular solutions enable large-scale camp developments to be rapidly ordered and installed, while also offering a high level of customisation to meet individual requirements.

High-quality durable and flexible containerised buildings

Facts confirmed by satisfied customers and users of almost 100,000 containers worldwide include:

  • Number one in the industry in terms of quality
  • 30+ years of lifespan with proper maintenance
  • Minimum three times assembling and disassembling
  • Non-flammable and environmentally friendly materials (panels filled with mineral wool of high density)
  • Panel joints designed to stop desert sand penetration and other environmental impacts
  • Assembled unit designed to allow easy movement from site to site without any damage
  • Quick and punctual supply from our factories in UAE and EU to any destination on the globe
  • Free technical support and after sales support
  • Basic unit fits 20ft ISO container footprint
  • Strong steel metal frame enables linking side by side and stacking in two or even more storeys
  • Flat-packed delivery to reduce transportation costs
  • Simple foundations
  • Easy to assemble, requiring minimal tools

Complete turnkey solutions

Trimo has a reputation for being the most flexible, reliable and committed partner for numerous clients in different industries. It is also well-known amongst its partners for its expertise, responsiveness, durability, quality and the 50-year lifespan regularly achieved by its products.

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