SysCAD is a flexible software package that can be used to simulate plant processes ranging from simple processing circuits to complex operations in mining and processing industries.

It aims to serve in every aspect of the plant lifecycle, from feasibility studies to design, commission, operations and maintenance to expansion.

Internationally, the software is used by customers to gain significant insight into their process operations, which can translate into enhanced decision-making, increased cost savings and more efficient operations.

Innovative simulation software used by engineers

The SysCAD software is available in two operating modes, with an array of optional functionality add-ons and licensing options.

SysCAD develops steady and dynamic state software packages for the processing industries.
SysCAD is used to model many different types of processes, circuits and equipment.
We provide sales, consulting services and training.
SysCAD is used in a diverse range of mineral processing and related industries.

The Steady State operating mode allows clients to design and optimise a variety of process plants. Based on specified feed conditions and configuration of all unit operations, this software will compute a set of steady state conditions, both mass and energy balance.

The Dynamic operating mode models the dynamic response of a plant, based on the current unit operation and control system configuration. The software considers time-dependent processes, allowing an accurate analysis and simulation of plant models.

Resulting simulated models provide extensive plant knowledge, including design criteria, configuration, control methods, and operation criteria. Both modes are suitable for a wide range of applications such as process optimisation and design, engineer and operator training, production loss reports, control system testing and alternate flowsheet evaluations.

Model Process Plant Circuits and Equipment

A wide range of different process circuits in diverse industries can be modelled using SysCAD.  Study the effects of individual process areas or large complete process plants.

Operators can use the building blocks in SysCAD to model any equipment found in a refinery or process plant. Simulate process such as reactors, flash trains, steam distribution, plant control, size distribution and material handling.  Other processes that can be modelled include ion exchange, evaporation, heat exchange, crushing and screening, furnaces, crystallisation, leaching, digestion, precipitation, water treatment, solids separation and more.

Used by Consultants, Owner Operators and Universities

SysCAD is used by Engineering Companies and Consultants for a range of feasibility studies, detailed design and plant optimisation studies. SysCAD software is a powerful tool to provide solutions for their clients.

SysCAD is used by Owner Operators to gain a comprehensive understanding and insights of their processing plant. A detailed plant model in SysCAD is a significant business asset as a repository of process knowledge. Use the model on an ongoing basis for to answer “What if?” and for a wide variety of operational and planning applications.

SysCAD is used by Universities and R&D Groups for teaching and research applications. We offer specific licences for students, lecturers and researchers working on specialised design and research projects.

Consulting, training and specialist services

From various international locations we provide customer support in the use of SysCAD, as well as providing consulting services to assist our clients in achieving optimal results in the use of our SysCAD process simulation software.

We provide training in the use of the SysCAD to enable independent proficiency in the use of the software. Extended training is available where we collaborate with client engineers to rapidly develop a full plant model.

Specialist services include the enhancement of existing models, as well as providing bespoke model or functionality enhancements to meet a client’s requirements. Other specialist services include related engineering services and development of integrated solutions with other software packages.