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Pelican Products

Mining Equipment Protection and Advanced Lighting Systems

23215 Early Avenue,
CA 90505 Other,
United States of America

Pelican Products is the global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced lighting systems and virtually indestructible cases for protecting valuable equipment.

Following the acquisition of Hardigg Industries, the world’s largest manufacturer of roto-molded protective cases at the end of 2008, the company now offers the most diverse group of protective case and lighting solutions for harsh environments.

Getting the job done right begins with good tools. For lighting products or protector cases, those tools are named Pelican. Innovative and tough, our tools have been trusted by hard workers for more than 30 years.

Protector cases for mining equipment

Built with engineering-grade polymers, Pelican™ cases are the toughest on the market and over 50 models are available to protect sensitive equipment of all sizes. Pelican cases are watertight and feature a fully stackable, trademarked ‘dual band’ design. They also feature an automatic pressure equalization valve that keeps moisture out and prevents vacuum lock so the case is easier to open at any altitude.

Lightweight Storm cases

Engineered for extreme military and industrial applications, Pelican Storm cases are built from Pelican patented HPX® high-performance resin, which makes them lightweight and virtually indestructible. With 23 models to choose from, all Pelican Storm cases feature the company’s unique and durable ‘press and pull’ latches, which open smoothly, yet hold fast when the case is taking a beating. Durable, wide, soft-grip handles with rigid cores make the cases comfortable to carry.

High-protection transport cases

Pelican-Hardigg™ transport cases are shockproof, watertight, dustproof and heat and chemical-resistant, which makes them extremely tough. These rotationally molded cases have removable lids and offer ultimate protection that will move your equipment from point A to point B without a scratch. Our size range consists of over 300 sizes.

Headlights and safety-approved lights for the mining industry

Whether Pelican flashlights are helping the maintenance technician to get a better view of the equipment that needs to be fixed or lighting the way for the workers in a dark mine, Pelican Products has a long tradition of manufacturing tough, dependable and light flashlights for professionals who work in harsh situations and demand quality.

From NVG-compatible and IR lights to rugged Xenon and LED submersible work lights, the Pelican extensive array of advanced lighting tools (almost 60 models) has a lighting solution for just about any application.

Safety approvals ensure that flashlights are thoroughly tested so they won’t cause an explosion when the light is activated where flammable materials or gases are common. Environments include oil refineries, paint warehouses, offshore oil rigs, grain silos, spray booths and other facilities.

Remote area lighting systems

Pelican Products’ remote area lighting systems (RALS) can provide dependable, powerful and portable light to any location in the middle of nowhere by harnessing the efficiency and dependability of light emitting diode (LED) technology.

More importantly, these battery-powered systems provide convenient and ecologically responsible alternatives to wasteful generator-powered lights. They are portable and safety approved for hazardous locations.

Pelican Products Canada Makes Top 50 Defense Company List

Pelican Products Canada, the global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance protective case solutions and advanced portable LED lighting systems, has been named in the Canadian Defense Review Magazine's list of 2012 Top 50 Canadian Defense Companies, for the second time in a row.

Pelican Products Goes on Set with 1510SC and 1560SC Studio Cases

Pelican Products 1560SC and 1510SC Studio Cases are legendarily tough, watertight cases designed for photography and video production professionals who want to protect their laptops, lenses and any sensitive equipment and not waste time at the airport luggage carrousel.

Pelican Deploys the 2710 and 2720 Headlights

To incorporate the latest technology and features, Pelican Products, the global leader in both the design and manufacture of advanced portable lighting, has introduced the 2710 and 2720 LED headlights.

Pelican Opens Sales Office in South Korea

Pelican Products, the global leader in design and manufacture of both high-performance protective case solutions and advanced portable LED lighting systems, has opened a sales office in Seoul, Korea and appointed Sang-Hee Chon as country manager.

Pelican Unveils 1910 And 1920 LED Flashlights

Pelican Products has introduced the Pelican 1910 and 1920 LED flashlights as tough-as-nails, bright illumination for glove compartments, travel bags, tool kits and anyone who needs a powerful and compact LED flashlight.

Pelican Opens First Sales Office in India

Pelican Products, the global leader in design and manufacture of both high-performance protective case solutions and advanced portable LED lighting systems, is expanding its network to better serve the Indian market. The New Delhi-based office will be managed by Rajesh Hakhu, who was recently app

Pelican 1075 HardBack™ Case Protects Netbooks and Tablet Computers

As the popularity of netbook and tablet devices continues to grow in the mobile computing market, they are projected to account for roughly 35% of the global market by 2014. To offer legendary protection for these extremely popular devices, Pelican Products, the global leader in both the design a

Pelican Produces Hazardous Location Approved Remote Area Lighting System

To give users a safer lighting option in hazardous locations, Pelican Products announced today that their Advanced Area Lighting Group, has rolled out the 9435 remote area lighting system (RALS) as its first safety-approved LED area lighting system. Built with versatility and safety i

Pelican Appoints New Senior Director

Pelican Products, the global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance case solutions and advanced lighting systems, has promoted Chris Zawacki to the position of senior director of worldwide advanced case solutions. He will be charged with revolutionising the brand and maximising

Pelican™ Deploys 9440 Remote Area Lighting System

Pelican Products has announced that its Advanced Area Lighting Group has rolled out the 9440 Remote Area Lighting system (RALS), as an incredibly bright and extremely portable area light. The 9440 RALS features ten next-generation LEDs and a beam spread of 120° that effectively l

Pelican™ Introduces 9430SL Spot Light

Pelican Products has announced that its Advanced Area Lighting Group has rolled out the 9430SL (spot light) Remote Area Lighting system (RALS), as a spot light version of the powerful, compact and portable 9430 RALS. The 9430SL features an LED array designed with a tightly focused, 10&

Pelican Launches Pelican-Hardigg™ Inter-Stacking Pattern (ISP) Cases

Shifting loads and loose cargo are not a problem for Pelican-Hardigg Inter-Stacking Pattern (ISP) cases. Designed to stay secure in transit, ISP cases are engineered with a patent-pending 'wave design' stacking ribs on their lids and molded in-discs on their bottom that work in tandem

Pelican Introduces the 2490 Recoil LED with Traffic Wand

To prevent foreign object damage (FOD) in an aviation or military environment, Pelican Products has introduced the 2490 Recoil™ LED as a secure, tough and versatile traffic wand. Engineered with a 2410 recoil LED flashlight body, the 2490 features a polymer-based, opaque white t

Pelican Delivers the World’s Largest Protector Case

Built for tough and versatile large equipment protection, the Pelican™ 0550 transport case is designed to offer more than 20,000 cubic inches of usable storage space. The 0550 transport case sports two integrated automatic pressure equalisation valves that keep moisture out and p

Pelican Launches the 1460EMS Case

To offer EMS professionals a legendarily tough, portable medical supply protection solution, Pelican Products has introduced the 1460EMS case. Easily washed and sterilized, the 1460EMS case is engineered with an open cell-core wall, polymer construction that protects sensitive equipmen

Pelican Introduces the Compact and Powerful 9410 LED

Pelican Products has introduced the rugged 9410 LED as their most powerful handheld flashlight ever. Engineered with an array of four next-generation LEDs, the 9410 LED shines a smoke-cutting 710 lumens/43,200 candela peak beam intensity. The 9410 LED offers three illumination modes (hi

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