Waru Consulting

Waru Consulting is a leading single source provider of heritage and native title solutions to resource companies in Western Australia. From the initial request for land access to ongoing compliance post development, Waru’s highly experienced team of heritage managers, native title experts, anthropologists, archaeologists geospatial analysts and researchers can successfully manage every phase of your project.

We believe that the best outcomes are achieved by a high standard of professional service, attention to detail and independence.

Heritage management, compliance, audits and land access

Waru provides the full range of heritage management services. These include Aboriginal archaeological and ethnographic surveys, desktop studies, audits, cultural heritage management plans and land access approvals under both State and Federal heritage legislation.

Waru Consulting offers heritage and native title solutions in Western Australia.
Heritage management services include Aboriginal, archaeological and ethnographic surveys.
Waru has undertaken site excavations and salvage recording for major resource projects across Western Australia.
Our experience with geographic information systems (GIS) enables us to provide a range of mapping and spatial data management services.
Our native title advisor can manage all aspects of native title for resource companies.

As a Western Australian company, Waru has particular expertise and understanding of the Western Australian Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 as well as associated legislation including mining and environmental policy and approvals. We have extensive experience providing advice and guiding clients through the Section 18 approvals process. Waru can prepare Section 18 Notices, provide detailed reports to support Notices and liaise directly with the Department of indigenous Affairs on your behalf.

Waru also provides consultancy services for both historical and maritime heritage, which, along with our indigenous heritage management services, utilise our archaeologists, anthropologists, researchers and historians.

Excavation services and site salvage recording

Resource companies requiring site excavation or salvage recording will find Waru ideal. Our archaeological expertise, along with our considerable knowledge and experience enables us to deliver projects on time and on budget. Our team have undertaken site excavations and salvage recording for major resource projects across Western Australia as well as nationally and internationally.

Mapping, spatial data and GIS

Waru has a highly experienced geographic information systems (GIS) team and we can provide a wide selection of GIS-based services working in a variety of digital spatial formats.

We can provide comprehensive mapping services as part of a desktop study or audit. Waru includes clear and accurate maps within every heritage survey report. Maps can also be provided to clients for inclusion in reports or government compliance documents as well as for internal reference.

Waru understands the value an accurate and well-managed heritage GIS database brings to a business. Significant amounts of money and time can be saved in understanding the coverage of previous heritage work and the location and status of previously recorded sites.

Waru can create and manage spatial databases containing heritage data as well as a raft of other data including native title, environmental, and land title related information. Waru can also facilitate the development of custom web based heritage management applications.

Native title and indigenous agreement management services

Native title has the potential to impact resource projects including the grant and renewal of mining and exploration tenure. Our native title advisor has over 20 years experience working across the Northern Territory and Western Australia for government, NGOs and the resource sector. Waru can manage all aspects of native title for resource companies including negotiating land access agreements, consulting with native title groups, providing advice and representation at the National Native Title Tribunal. We can also manage compliance of existing native title agreements.

Indigenous communication and consultation services

For companies looking to develop in Western Australia, effective and culturally sensitive communication and consultation with indigenous groups is critical to project success. Waru has demonstrated experience working with indigenous groups to ensure sound relationships are developed from the outset, minimising the risk of delay to project timeframes whilst navigating through the heritage and native title processes.

Waru has extensive experience working with indigenous groups across Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Our personnel have undertaken hundreds of archaeological and ethnographic surveys and consultations on behalf of big and small resource companies, government authorities and land developers.

In addition to securing approvals and completing survey work Waru can also undertake cultural and social impact studies and consultations to meet additional approval requirements in relation to environmental and mining approvals.

Waru’s academic, field and research experts

Waru staff have extensive experience working in Western Australia as well as nationally and internationally. With a team that includes senior archaeologists, anthropologists, ex-government and NGO officials and other respected heritage and native title specialists, the company has an impressive track record.

Our staff can provide heritage, native title and cultural awareness training and seminars across organisations from the people on the ground to the board room.

Waru has strict safe work practices that all employees follow, and holds appropriate public liability insurance.

If you would like to know more about Waru’s range of services, please contact us using the information or box below.