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Fire Supression Systems for the Mining Sector

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Qtec Fire Services is a leading provider of quality fire suppression systems across multiple industries, including the mining sector.

The company has been in business since January of 1992, changing names in 2007 to reflect the increased focus on the core business of manufacturing Australia’s highest quality foam spray systems for mobile plant and equipment.

Now known as Qtec Fire Services, we continue to lead the way in the fire suppression industry, being the only Australian manufacturing company to continually develop and manufacture our products in Australia for domestic and international applications alike.

Quality assured fire suppression solutions for the mining industry

Qtec Fire Services has customers in our neighbouring suburbs of Brisbane, Australia, New Zealand and as far away as South Africa, South America, and the Asia-Pacific region.

With 7 CNC machines, we manufacture approx. 73% of our products are in-house. We also have some products manufactured under our design outside of the Qtec Fire Services facility. This is usually through high demand and efforts to help support some small local businesses with which we have long-term relationships.

All parts are subject to our ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System and the same tests and inspections for products manufactured in-house.

Reliable solutions for demanding mining applications

At Qtec Fire Services, quality is the key to our success, and we have spent years maintaining the quality of our products.

Every key core product we manufacture is thoroughly tested, both under pressure and the product’s functionality before it is signed off and delivered. All our foam spray system models are based around LOP (Loss of Pressure) and ROP (Rise of Pressure) and are low pressure for ease of operation and maintenance.

Our systems are available in Compact and Standard versions, with various sizes to meet all market needs.

Industry-compliant foam spray systems

An Australian manufacturer of Foam Spray Systems, we produce most of our parts and components in-house and meet the requirement to carry the Australian Made Logo.

Qtec Fire Services has all our systems compliant to the Australian Standards AS5062, our certifications are list with the CSIRO Activfire scheme under AFP – 2762 and AFP – 3406.

Our aim is to provide our valued customers with the highest quality fire suppression equipment. We are innovators in the fire suppression industry with many of our designs and original ideas as the industry standard in the Australian mining industry.

We have several systems under the VDAS logo, (Vehicle, Detection, Actuation, Suppression), all our systems are available in LOP (Loss of Pressure) and ROP (Rise of Pressure). All Qtec systems use nitrogen gas 1350kPa @ 20oC +/- 2oC with our VDASF3 fluorine free foam agent, this is mixed at 3% for our Standard systems and 4% for our Compact range.

The VDAS Standard LOP, and ROP systems are an industry compliant pre-engineered system, for low pressure foam spray applications.

With cylinders ranging from 25Ltr, 35Ltr, 45Ltr, 45Ltr Slim, 65Ltr, 88Ltr, & 106Ltr, which can be used in a single cylinder set up or multiples of the same size or multiples of different sizes. The Qtec Fire VDAS systems are very flexible in design and allow for all types of hazards and space limitations.

The systems use a distribution network of hose and stainless-steel tubing to supply and predetermined quantity of fire suppression agent to the identified hazard areas. This is achieved via 3 types of nozzles, from a medium flow to high flow and high flow wide angle. Activation of the systems is achieved via an automated detection system with the option for manual actuation by the operator in the cabin or at an appropriate external location on the equipment via the remote actuator.

The systems come complete with Storage cylinders, LOP or ROP valves, actuators, system monitoring panel, pressure switches, hoses, 316 stainless-steel tubing, nozzle assemblies, fittings, and clamps. The VDAS Standard LOP, and ROP systems are compliant to Australian Standard AS5062, and hold all Certification under the CSIRO Activfire scheme.

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    QTEC Fire Services expansion and growth is progressing well with new dealers added in Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and South America, in the last 18 months. These new dealers are fast becoming major players in their local countries and at the same time helping Qtec Fire Services to expand and become a major identity in the fire industry for mobile plants and equipment worldwide.

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Products & services

  • Fire Suppression System Training

    Welcome to Qtec Fire Services, your premier destination for comprehensive and specialized training services tailored for OEMs, Dealers, Mining, Forestry, and general fire company contractors.

  • Precision Machining

    Experience precision engineering and superior quality with Qtec Fire Services' state-of-the-art machining capabilities.

  • Fire Supression Systems for Mining Industry

    Qtec Fire Services has been supplying fire suppression foam spray systems to the mining industry in Mackay, Rockhampton and Coober Pedy and the surrounding regions for over 25 years. Our experience has led to many mining operations using our extensive range of products.

  • Fire Suppression System Servicing

    At Qtec Fire Services, we take pride in offering comprehensive annual servicing for foam spray suppression systems across various brands. Our servicing spans Moranbah and multiple regions in Australia, ensuring the longevity and functionality of your fire suppression systems.

  • Fire Suppression System Installation

    At Qtec Fire Services, we specialize in professional fire suppression system installations, catering to the Brisbane area and beyond. Our extensive network of local OEMs and dealers enables us to efficiently install fire suppression systems across various equipment brands.

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