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Exhaust Extraction Systems for Mining Vehicle Production Plants

Blaschke Umwelttechnik supplies exhaust extraction systems to significantly reduce air pollutants in industrial workplaces.


Blaschke Umwelttechnik supplies exhaust extraction systems that significantly reduce air pollutants in industrial workplaces.

Exhaust emission control for mining vehicle applications

Blaschke Umwelttechnik offers a variety of high-quality emission reduction products, ranging from simple to automatic solutions, for any industry or application.

When working in vehicle manufacturing, maintenance and testing, as well as in storage or loading areas, engines run in closed or poorly ventilated areas and produce considerable levels of pollutants.

Blaschke supplies complete environmental solutions, from planning through to execution.
The company delivers proven solutions for the repair and maintenance of special-purpose vehicles such as excavators and other construction machines at indoor workplaces.
The swivel-arm extraction unit for oil is suitable for vehicle manufacturing applications.
Blaschke supplies extraction bridge systems, with custom options such as this HD-hose and four extract points.
A ring system with switch is ideal for managing air pollutants in a manufacturing plant.
Aluminium slotted extraction rails SSK are suitable for industrial use to keep exhaust fumes out of the working space.
The company supplies isophonic capsules. This one has an in-built fan.
Blaschke fans provide a large flow of air to start the extraction process for the exhaust of diesel engines of many industries. This is achieved by rotating blades, connected to a hub and shaft, and driven by a motor.
Blaschke reels are equipped with different type hoses to unwind / rewind from NW 75mm (3in) to 200mm (8in), and either spring or motor-operated for universal use.
A large assortment of nozzles, in particular pneumatic collection nozzles, guarantee correct airtight and firm connection to the exhaust, not allowing air leakage.

Hazardous fumes such as fine particulates, soot and carbon dioxide have a negative impact on the environment, as well as affecting staff health and wellbeing.

Blaschke Umwelttechnik sources extraction systems direct from manufacturers, to provide clean air and better working atmospheres.

Clean air and ventilation solutions

Blaschke Umwelttechnik is committed to creating an optimum environment for both people and products at the different stages of manufacturing where fumes, smoke or dust are produced. For nearly four decades, the company has been solving technically demanding challenges across every type of industrial application.

Blaschke Umwelttechnik always delivers the most suitable solution for the task at hand, whether using simple or state-of-the-art technology. The highly experienced team will create, plan, install and maintain complete environmental technology systems and solutions for all industrial clients.

From planning to execution, Blaschke Umwelttechnik shares with customers its wealth of knowledge in consulting and project planning, delivery, assembly and commissioning, test run and documentation, as well as maintenance and repair.

Repair and maintenance of mining machinery

Blaschke Umwelttechnik delivers proven solutions for the repair and maintenance of special-purpose vehicles, such as excavators and construction machines, at all kinds of indoor workplaces, especially indoor cranes. Systems can be combined for maximum effectiveness and suitability.

The company’s strength lies in its functional system design for the collection of dangerous exhaust fumes. This applies to combustion engines for all manufacturing processes and types of requirements, from final assembly and retrofitting to test stations.

Its goal is to remove exhaust fumes from the moment a vehicle enters the building, right through to when it leaves.

Slotted extraction rails and return tracks

Blaschke Umwelttechnik’s aluminium slotted extraction rails SSK are mechanically or electrically propelled exhaust trolleys with computerised control systems, return rails and curved elements. They also have patented switch points and slide switches for changing tracks.

The rails can be adapted with further automation components to integrate them into more complex production processes, such as assembly lines in the automobile industry.

Blaschke’s aluminium slotted rail system is suitable for industrial use, as well as maintenance areas, repair shops and garages.

The company also supplies extraction-rail return tracks / elbows for round-trip use (ring system with or without switch) on assembly and test-run lines. Return tracks enable continuous circulation of trolleys by guiding them back to the starting line of the system.

Extraction-bridge rail for production lines

Blaschke Umwelttechnik’s modular extraction-bridge rail system comprises several basic elements with a wide range of additions, which are:

  • Mechanically or electrically propelled exhaust trolleys with computerised control systems
  • Return rails and curved elements
  • Patented switch points and slide switches for changing tracks

Through the use of automation components, this top-quality rail system can be integrated into complex production processes.

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Blaschke Umwelttechnik has been delivering effective emission control and air quality management solutions to worldwide clients, for more than 40 years.

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