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Aviation Services for the Mining Industry


MI Helicopters is a wholly Australian-owned helicopter and aircraft charter (MI Charter) company. The company specialises in supplying aviation services to the mining / gas industries, as well as government and emergency services. With a range of helicopters and pre-audited safety management systems, MI Helicopters can safely complete any job.

Helicopter services and aircraft charter

Specialising in helicopter services and aircraft charter, heavy lifting, film production, precision underslung movements, mining support and energy asset protection, MI Helicopters can project manage a range of operations.

With operational bases throughout Queensland and working relationships across Australia, MI Helicopters offers quality and safety at competitive rates.

Contracted to many large mining and oil and gas organisations, MI Helicopters has a proven track record in providing long and short-term helicopter services working in Queensland, NSW, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

MI Helicopters supplies aviation services to the mining/gas industries, as well as government and emergency services.
MI Helicopters is the first company in Australia to operate the Safe Flight Powerline Detection System as part of safety measures when conducting low level surveys.
Australia's large network of gas and oil pipelines makes the helicopter an important resource for patrolling and checking infrastructure.

Operating throughout Australia, MI Helicopters hires helicopters from multiple bases throughout Queensland and the Surat Basin, including:

  • Helicopters Roma, QLD
  • Helicopters Chinchilla
  • Helicopters Gladstone
  • Helicopters Flights Fraser Island
  • Helicopters Hervey Bay
  • Helicopters Hughenden North Queensland

The MI Helicopters team is very experienced in low-level and remote operations. Pilots have flown thousands of hours in many different types of aircraft and operations throughout Australia.

MI Helicopters’ operational scope allows the company to manage large multi-helicopter projects in remote areas for long periods of time across the country.

Aerial photography

MI Helicopters conducts both still photography and motion picture filming, utilising a range of camera platforms. Extensive experience in sensitive areas has provided MI Helicopters with the knowledge to advise and operate over protected areas, such as the World Heritage Listed Fraser Island.

Using the helicopter as a platform, aerial photography can provide you with greater viewing and clarity for your business photos. MI Helicopters can introduce you to a professional photographer or take them for you.

MI Helicopters is able to offer a number of camera mounts from basic to fully stabilised Gyro mounts for high definition filming.

Video footage can be geo-referenced for survey work.

MI Helicopters has a Continental side mount available and on site in Hervey Bay.

Aerial surveying for the mining and energy industries

MI Helicopters is the first company in Australia to operate the Safe Flight Powerline Detection System. The system warns the crew with both visual and audible warnings of powerlines to the front of the helicopter. MI Helicopters has conducted trials with its parent company, US-based Instrument Corporation, for providing its capabilities around different powerline networks in Australia.

The pilot’s sole job is to fly the helicopter and avoid the many obstacles encountered on low-level surveys. Pilots attend safety courses, as well as wire and obstacle avoidance courses. Depending on the nature of the survey, all helicopters can be fitted with a moving map of powerline locations in relation to the aircraft.

MI Helicopters can provide the observer, or the contractor can bring in additional staff. Observers are trained by MI Helicopters in the use of computer and palm-based global positioning systems (GPS), reporting systems integrated with overlayed maps. Crew resource management (CRM) is of the upmost importance; pilots have all attended courses involving CRM.

Geo-referencing for surveys

MI Helicopters uses a geo-referenced 12 mega pixel digital camera for still photography and a geo-referenced Wescam for filming, providing clients with the ultimate in gyro-stabilised camera facilities. Stabilised geo-referenced thermal and infrared cameras are also available, allowing imagery in low visibility situations, such as bushfires.

The use of the above cameras has the ability to show clearer pictures for such activities as fire fronts, animals and hot spots on powerline networks.

Real-time satellite tracking technology allows the contractor and MI Helicopters to monitor the exact location of the helicopter at all times. This system allows for better utilisation of the aircraft in emergency and storm situations.

The following survey types have been carried out, but are not limited to:

  • Weed
  • Animals
  • River
  • Powerline
  • Fire mapping and hot spots
  • Gas and oil
  • Seismic

MI Helicopters can help you gather information to achieve the results you are after by providing a tailor-made quote and we operate our own fuel vehicles to allow safer, more efficient operations in remote areas, saving time and money for our clients.

In addition to aerial survey and photography, MI Helicopters offers a range of other commercial services, including powerline and pipeline patrols, feral animal control, fire-fighting and lifting operations.

Press Releases


  • Dalgaranga Gold Project, Murchison

    The Dalgaranga Gold Project is located approximately 70km north-west of Mt Magnet, within the Murchison gold mining district in Western Australia. The project will involve the development of the brownfield Gilbeys deposit and the greenfield Golden Wings deposit.

  • Cyclone Zircon Project

    The Cyclone Zircon Project, hosting the Mining Lease M69/141 and Retention Licence R69/1, is located within the Eucla Basin, approximately 25km west of the South Australian border, and 230km north of the Trans Australian Rail Line.

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