With more than 35 years’ experience, Coslee Heavy Metal Fabricators is a leading engineering company specialising in light pole and pipe fabrication. Coslee has become an established supplier of various light poles used in road lighting, floodlighting, major and minor street lighting, car parks, large storage areas, traffic signals, tram and light-rail systems as well as electricity-transmission networks.

In addition, we can provide services for the design, supply of materials, fabrication, and protective coating for a wide range of steel products and structures, making us an ideal choice for your mining project.

Custom lighting and light poles for mining projects and camps

We understand that every project has its own needs. Whether it is large-scale mining projects that require floodlighting or small ones such as car park lighting or light poles, we can provide suitable products.

We have a range of lighting poles, from extremely large and tall models, to smaller light poles which can be used to illuminate on-site mining camps.

Coslee Heavy Metal Fabricators is an engineering company specialising in light pole and pipe fabrication.
Coslee has become an established 'preferred supplier' of various road, street and floodlight lighting poles.
Whether for large or small projects, we can provide suitable lighting or light poles.

Mid-hinge light poles for mining applications

The mid-hinge light pole or see-saw pole is designed to allow maintenance of luminaires in areas where access to the pole is restricted or limited. The hinging operation using a see-saw principle permits the light pole and luminaire to be lowered to ground level without the need for any elevated work-platform equipment such as a cherry picker.

There is also no need for any expensive hydraulic raising and lowering equipment, just one trained technician equipped with a rope.

Floodlighting for mining sites

The tapered octagonal light pole has a variety of uses from sporting ovals to industrial developments, from as low as 4.5m to as high as 35m. Due to its wide range of uses, the tapered octagonal light pole is also known as the general-purpose pole.

The tapered octagonal pole is ideally suited to floodlighting projects that require the luminaire control gear to be mounted inside the pole, due to the larger diameter at the base.

Coslee’s tapered round street-light pole range is very similar to the tapered octagonal range but gives a modern and stylish appearance when applied to commercial and architectural environments. Tapered round street-light poles of up to 15m in standard height are also commonly used in small to medium-sized floodlighting projects.

Camera light poles

Coslee camera light poles are available with mounting heights of up to 15m, and have been designed as 16-sided tapered poles (hexadecagons) to reduce shaft deflection – this guarantees the least possible movement, providing the highly accurate and clear vision required for all surveillance and security needs.

Street lighting poles

The street lighting pole is used to securely illuminate commercial and industrial locations including mining sites. It is designed with a curved outreach arm, in either a single or double arrangement. These poles have a maximum standard height of 12.5m and a maximum outreach of 4.5m, and are available in tapered round or tapered octagonal versions.

Circular-pipe light poles

Circular-pipe light poles are generally intended for one-post top-light fixtures and lend themselves to a classic and sophisticated design style. Circular-pipe light poles range from as low as 2m to a standard height of 6.5m. Where required they can be designed to a number of different heights.

Square-section lighting poles

The square-section lighting pole is ideal for floodlighting and gives the perfect balance when used with a square shoe box fitting. The height range extends from 2m to 12m. The square-section lighting pole can also be used as a small camera pole up to 5m high.

Traffic signal poles

Traffic signal poles are used by road authorities as an important part of their traffic management and town planning to keep automotive and pedestrian traffic flowing safely.Traffic signal poles are exclusively designed to meet Australian standards as well as relevant state road authorities’ specifications.