Global Tech Group manufactures and distributes digitisation technologies for the mining and construction industries.

With an international partner network comprising Conduce Group, Global Clean Coal Technologies, CVK and Output 24, we are a professional solutions and services provider for areas such as Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Our robust products are designed for rugged and adverse conditions within the mining environment and include advanced new technologies that digitise tasks, creating intuitive and effective solutions.

Thermal cameras for mining equipment and ship loader vehicles

The Gen Z™ series of thermal imaging cameras improves safety and efficiency for mobile and fixed equipment and vehicles and is capable of operating at night, in adverse dust conditions and direct sunlight.

Global Tech Group’s technologies digitise many tasks within the mining industry.
Our team has more than 25 years of experience working in industry technologies.
We are committed to innovation and diligence in our products and services.

Our Gen Z cameras are selected and used by coal loading shipping ports. They are also sold directly to ship loaders and solutions providers that incorporate the cameras to excavator loaders.

Our thermal cameras allow optimal efficiency and safety in the work environment without additional lighting and can be integrated with the PVTS™  for remote image monitoring.

This series offers high-quality imagery to improve operator safety and operational efficiency in any conditions. It can be adapted to a variety of conditions and industries to resolve inefficiencies such as operator risk and safety, delays from conditions, poor visibility causing workflow issues, and expensive and dangerous lighting equipment.

Additional operational benefits include:

  • Enhanced safety, efficiency and productive maintenance monitoring through Isotherm, Radiometric and image metrics
  • Improved vision for night operations, adverse dust conditions and direct sunlight etc.
  • Wide-angle field of view for reverse aids on large mobile or fixed mining equipment

PVTS for equipment operators in the mining industry

Our portable vehicle training system (PVTS) is designed to assist with training single-seat mining vehicle operators.

Our intelligent, ruggedised solution is compact and portable and uses advanced one-to-one Wi-Fi connective systems. This allows trainers to be remote while offering instantaneous feedback and guidance to trainee operators.

The trainer can view the operator in the cab and their surroundings with four individual cameras to enable private, independent communications. This provides operators with the skills needed in a mine site environment through live operation training.

The PVTS can be used in all weather conditions and day and night while the cameras maintain visual clarity. It can also record video or take photos for conveying operational techniques for improved performance and future training purposes.

Exclusive CVK product distribution

We are the exclusive distributor of the HealthVib® inSeat by CVK in our region.

The HealthVib inSeat gives operators access to vital information, which identifies and controls hazardous vibrations. The data is transmitted wirelessly through the HealthVib inSeat and the Vibindicator inSeat without disturbing the operator.

The HealthVib HAV100 system measures and analyses hand and arm vibration (HAV). It operates in many field conditions and subsequently measures both hands in three directions. This allows the user to locate the source of vibration and choose preventative action.

About Global Tech Group

Global Tech Group is a next-generation technology company based in Brisbane, Australia, since its establishment in 2008.

Our dedicated team has more than 25 years of experience working in environmental, telecommunication, information, textile and aviation technologies.

Using our extensive knowledge, we are committed to diligence and innovation when it comes to developing and implementing our technologies and solutions.