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Sample Preparation by Fusion for XRF, AA and ICP Analysis

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Claisse® is the world leader in sample preparation by fusion for X-ray fluorescence (XRF), atomic absorption (AA) and inductively coupled plasma (ICP) analysis.

Claisse manufactures a large range of products including fully-automatic and multi-position, electric (TheOx™) or gas (M4™ and Peroxide™) fusion fluxers. The company’s products also include high-quality borate-fused fluxes such as lithium tetraborate and lithium metaborate, and platinum molds and crucibles to prepare mining samples.

Other Claisse products include TheAnt automatic weigher and flux dispenser, and the fully-automated rFusion™ modular system.

Sample preparation by fusion for XRF, AA and ICP analysis

Fusion consists in the mixing of a mining sample with a pure lithium borate-fused flux. The operation is carried out in a platinum crucible, which is heated to around 1,000°C within a fusion fluxer. At this temperature, the lithium borate flux melts and dissolves the sample to form a perfectly homogeneous mass. Finally, the molten mixture is poured either into a preheated platinum mold to produce a glass disc for XRF analysis, or into an unbreakable beaker containing an acid solution, to be analysed by AA or ICP.

The M4 gas fluxer features automatic ignition, optimal agitation by rotation, no compressed air or oxygen, stable flame at high/low temperatures and analytical repeatability and accuracy.
The TheOx electric fluxer features high productivity/accuracy, plug-and-play capability, chamber temperature up to 1,200°C, precise control and monitoring to +/- 1°C, and low maintenance cost.
The Peroxide gas fluxer uses propane or natural gas, performs fusion using zirconium crucibles, and features low cost and high throughput (up to 40-60 samples per hour) benefits.
The rFusion modular system consists of stand-alone module regroups weighing/fusing in one workstation for optimised uptime, superior analytical results and significant return on investment.
Our borate fused fluxes and platinum accessories offer premium quality, competitive prices, immediate availability from stock, wide range of products, custom items/blends on request and free flux samples.

Preparation of mining samples by fusion using fluxers

The M4 fluxer is a fully-automatic, three-position, gas-fusion instrument that prepares glass discs for XRF, as well as solutions for AA and ICP analysis. The M4 fluxer prepares three samples at a time and features automatic spark ignition, has fusion parameter configuration capability, gives optimal agitation by rotation, requires no oxygen or compressed air for operation, and is highly analytically accurate and repeatable.

The TheOx fluxer is a fully-automatic, six-position, electric fusion instrument that prepares glass discs for XRF, as well as solutions for AA and ICP analysis. The TheOx produces up to six samples simultaneously and allows the preparation of 24 to 30 fusions per hour. The fluxer can reach 1200°C with a precision of +/- 1°C. The 3.75kW generated in the heating chamber allows fast fusion temperatures to ramp up, for shorter fusion cycles and increased sample throughput. The highly advanced multi-layer insulating materials minimise heat losses, resulting in a more cost-efficient electric fluxer.

The Peroxide fluxer prepares solutions for AA and ICP analysis. Designed for fusing mining samples in sodium peroxide, sodium carbonate and potassium pyrosulfate, this fully-automatic fusion instrument processes highly refractory compounds such as chromite, magnetite, ilmenite, rutile, and silicon carbide, as well as noble metals and materials with a high sulfide content.

The TheAnt automatic weigher and flux dispenser automatically weighs the sample and dispenses the borate-fused flux according to a sample-to-flux ratio with an accuracy of up to one tenth of a milligram.

Robotized fusion system – total automation of the fusion process

By automatically performing the weighing, mixing and fusing in one workstation, the user-friendly rFusion robotized fusion system allows laboratories to achieve optimal analytical results. The automated fusion system is made up of widely used advanced stand-alone modules such as the TheAnt balance and the M4 fluxer. To ensure optimised reliability and productivity, each fusion and weighing module can be combined in to one fully-automated program or used as a stand-alone piece of equipment. In addition, back-up modules can be used during maintenance, and the weighing and fusion stations can be operated separately or together.

Borate-fused fluxes and platinum accessories

Claisse high-purity borate fluxes are fused and consist of homogenous, spherical and vitreous particles which are water-free and non-hygroscopic. Claisse borate fluxes can be customised to your application requirements and are available with integrated lithium bromide (LiBr) or lithium iodide (LiI).

Claisse’s molds and crucibles are of exceptional quality, made of 95% platinum alloyed with 5% gold. Claisse offers a polishing service to retain flat and smooth surfaces on your platinum molds, and a scrap buyback programme, which accepts used molds and crucibles as partial payment for the new platinum accessories.

Claisse – expertise in fusion sample preparation

Designed for optimum analytical accuracy and repeatability, Claisse’s fully-automatic gas and electric fluxers set new benchmarks in fusion capabilities. The same is true for Claisse’s rFusion robotised fusion system, platinum molds and platinum crucibles, as well as ultra-pure, borate fused fluxes.

With history dating back to 1976, Claisse, The First and Finest in Fusion™, has developed fusion techniques for all kinds of mining samples. Whether you already use fusion as part of your laboratory processes, or are inquiring into Claisse’s fluxers, our fusion specialists can assist you. Send us your samples if you wish to explore fusion; we will return them prepared along with the data.

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