Madgrip impact hand protection

MadGrip Performance Hand Protection (MadGrip) manufactures a range of work gloves featuring patented injection molded technology for mining operations.

The company combines thermoplastic rubber (TPR), polyurethane and nitrile dips to create a unique work glove, providing a strong grip, and abrasion and impact protection, while preserving comfort, dexterity and durability.

Critical-impact absorption gloves for the mining industry

MadGrip’s Thunderdome uses contiguous-impact absorption (CIA) to create a cost-effective impact glove that provides total coverage of all critical impact, crush and pinch areas of the hand.

MadGrip creates thermoplastic rubber (TPR) hand gloves for a wide range of industries. The image shows the company’s Pro Palm, which provides protection from water and oil.
The water-resistant Beast glove has a protective nitrile dip on the palm and fingers.
The Thunderdome is a critical-impact absorption glove that combines safety and cost-efficiency.
The injection-molded Ergo Impact glove provides end-users with high-impact protection.
The Defender promotes additional flexibility and enhanced protection around the fingertips.
MadGrip gloves are ideal for mining, chemical and engineering applications.

Gloves with oil and water-resistant palm tread system

The company’s ProPalm glove features an advanced oil and water-repellent tread system.

The cushioned palm prevents hand fatigue and blistering, while the seamless support around the critical abrasion areas provides extended durability and vibration dampening.

High-protection gloves for heavy-duty mining operations

MadGrip’s Ergo-Beast has a water-repellent palm and an integrated full-impact area covering the back of the hand. It also features a sandy nitrile dip that protects the fingers and palm.

The Ergo TPR gloves give impact protection on the metatarsal areas of the hand. The company combines knit liners with injection-molded TPR, so end-users can work with dry, oily or wet substances.

Polyurethane or thermoplastic rubber palms are also available.

The Ergo-Defender glove’s firmer TPR provides enhanced protection around the significant fingertip areas. The back of hand and the fingers are covered by a softer TPR, which provides extra flexibility and creates less forearm fatigue throughout the workday. Cut or non-cut versions are suitable for downstream, midstream or upstream applications.

MadGrip’s Ergo-Impact glove includes an ergonomic, lower-profile metatarsal impact coverage area. A one-step, injection-mold process provides enhanced impact protection on thin gloves, making it suitable for drivers, mechanics and technicians.

About MadGrip

MadGrip has collaborated with leading fabrics and yarns suppliers to create a seamless impact glove, which is suitable for drivers, drillers, boilermakers, electricians and fitters.

The company is part of Gordini USA, which was founded in 1956.