Auctions and Valuations for the Resources and Mining Sectors

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With a 15-year track record of success, Hassalls has earned a reputation for being Australia’s world-class provider of asset disposal and valuation services for the country’s resources sector.

The team at Hassalls includes the market’s most experienced auctioneers and expert valuers, specialising in drilling, pipeline, civil, infrastructure, large-calibre earthmoving, and mining equipment sales and valuation.

On-site auctions for the mining sector

Part of Hassalls’ secret to success is our strategic location of auction sites near key resource and mining hubs, including qualified team members nearby. We focus on providing immense value through convenience, expertise (both locally and globally), and an independent, transparent process.

The team at Hassalls are highly trained specialists in their field with more than 150 years combined of experience in disposing industrial equipment, and our auctioneers offer advice, guidance, professionalism, organisation, and management of the entire auction process using up-to-the-minute market expertise.

We couple this with deep insight into the equipment’s current and future market value, local industry knowledge, as well as a contact network of global buyers and sellers. Our company invests in processes to ensure that buyers and clients enjoy a seamless experience from start to finish.

Online auctions

Leveraging modern technology and helping buyers and sellers connect has always been a pillar of Hassall’s success. Online purchasing is a 24/7 requirement given the strong global buyer base purchasing through Hassalls.

Buyers won’t simply buy anything from anybody online, and our online selling portal is industry-friendly and developed in an efficient, easy and transparent way to ensure buyers trust us to make an informed purchase from anywhere globally.

Online tenders

Specialist or large-dollar assets may sell best through an Expressions of Interest of Tender process and Hassall manages the tender process from A to Z where Hassalls host the content, including descriptions and images online for easy viewing and advertising and more importantly manage the negotiation process to achieve the best outcome possible.

Our company fully coordinates and organises inspections, as well as collates, reviews and presents offers before finalising the sale and arranging for delivery logistics. This approach has helped us build strong relationships with their buyers and sellers while cementing as a trusted service provider.

Valuations for mining equipment

Hassalls focuses on the ‘yellow metals’ mining sector, in which we have valued billions of dollars of equipment throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific.

We value a diverse range of equipment, including offshore and onshore drilling, civil construction, transport, the oil and gas sector, quarry and manufacturing. We offer independent valuation for everything from the smallest toolbox to large barges.

Relying on our team’s expertise, the company offers advice to financiers, government departments, multinational companies, and insolvency companies on equipment valuations. Part of the reason we are able to do this in a timely manner is our use of efficient in-house communication and large network of industry contacts.

Hassall’s expert team has a unique understanding of the various requirements of different sites and consistent communication with the key personnel in each location to ensure efficient procedures on site.

In order to perform valuations, our valuers must have passed the USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) exam successfully. Hassalls uses this metric due to USPAP’s reputation as a trusted valuer’s qualification that is used internationally to establish high standards on valuations that are concise, accurate, bias-free and without contingent fees.

Due to our global network, Hassalls understands on a very specific level which market needs a certain piece of equipment at that given time. We are willing to travel to value equipment if needed and always seek to provide the greatest return for our clients through our global network of buyers. Hassalls is a Panel Valuer for companies such as Australia New Zealand Banking Group Ltd (ANZ), Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), and National Australia Bank (NAB).

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Getting the Right Valuation

It is easy to underestimate the skills of the professional valuer. When a client reads a valuation for the first time and sees the values of their assets, it might seem as though the figures have been determined using a dartboard or a bingo wheel, but in reality, the process behind each valuation is a lot more detailed and researched.

How to Choose the Right Machinery and Equipment Appraiser

When it comes to a P&E (Plant and Equipment) appraisal you're probably thinking about fees and costs. Yes, we understand cost is a factor however instead of letting price dictate your decision, think about what you expect from an appraiser and the critical information they can provide for future success.


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