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Leading 3D Geological Modelling Software

Leapfrog is the leader in 3D geological modelling software for mining, exploration, groundwater contamination, and geothermal energy.

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Leapfrog is the leader in 3D geological modelling software for mining, exploration, groundwater contamination, and geothermal energy. Trusted worldwide, Leapfrog reduces risk by giving users more time and opportunity to understand the geology. Leapfrog aids operations and long-term planning, enabling all-round efficiency and productivity gains.

Geology risk mitigation technology

Built on the FastRBF™ advanced implicit modelling engine, Leapfrog was the first of its kind and sets the standard in geological modelling with innovative advances.

The Leapfrog software range includes Geo, Hydro, Geothermal, and Viewer.

Fast, dynamic geological modelling tool

Leapfrog delivers fast, dynamic, direct from data geological modelling that makes use of the latest information and removes the need for time-consuming manual wireframing.

Leapfrog is a 3D geological modelling software for mining, exploration, groundwater contamination, and geothermal energy. The tool aids understanding of geology to reduce associated risk.
Leapfrog has an ever-expanding partner programme. Leapfrog Geo and ioGAS are live linked, allowing for 3D visualisation of geochemical or geometallurgical data in real-time.
A simple stratigraphic sequence can be created in Leapfrog Geo.
This folded narrow vein was modeled in Leapfrog Geo, which offers unrivalled vein modelling abilities.
This complex vein system with many branches was built in Leapfrog Geo.
Leapfrog is continuously evolving. A recent release introduced the ability to build and export block models, which continues to strengthen the path between Leapfrog and mine engineers.
Leapfrog training is conducted by experienced geologists. The Leapfrog fundamentals can be mastered in just three days.

Users retain full control over modelling constraints, and as production speeds are accelerated, there is more time for interpretation and action. Users can easily duplicate models to test different hypotheses.

Build and visualise geological models, grade shells and estimations

Leapfrog has the flexibility to build and visualise many geological scenarios from large networks of veins that fold, curve or branch, to complex, faulted geologies.

Leapfrog is used in the mining industry for supporting advanced exploration projects, resource evaluation and definition, mine operations such as planning and ore control, project evaluation, mine dewatering tasks, and future development strategies.

Unrivalled processing power

The unrivalled processing power of Leapfrog’s FastRBF™ engine enables multiple models and hypotheses to be considered simultaneously, allowing geologists to take an incremental, more robust and scientific approach.

It enables decision-makers to quickly take advantage of opportunities or change direction, as required. FastRBF™ is able to handle very large and complex data sets with far more than a million points.

Intuitive and logical programme interface

Crafted especially for geologists, Leapfrog has a beautifully simple interface with logical workflows. Yet Leapfrog’s compelling 3D visualisation and free Leapfrog Viewer software means that models and results can be easily shared and understood by a variety of audiences.

The programme is agile and responsive with multiple new releases each year to continuously evolve to meet the needs of users.

Seamless interoperability with partners

The expanding Leapfrog partner programme ensures seamless interoperability with other leading specialist software, including Snowden, Esri, Deswik, Reflex, and ALS.

Software training and support from geologists

Leapfrog delivers support and software training worldwide. Expert geologists are on-hand to share their knowledge and develop users’ skills and capabilities, to maximise their return from the technology.

Leapfrog fundamentals can be mastered in just three days.

Flexible licensing options for mining operations

Flexible licensing options are available to suit individual needs of clients in the mining industry.

Choose from Corporate OnDemand licences for sharing Leapfrog between many users, or individual licences for dedicated users. To remove the need for capital, consultants can rent Leapfrog only when they need it for project use.

Leapfrog geological 3D modelling software helps mining operations to:

  • Reduce risk. Increase the time spent thinking about the geology rather than manually wireframing, and analyse and use the latest information, evaluate more than one geological scenario, and develop more robust models
  • Save costs and increase profits. Eliminate the need for repetitive manual tasks, speed-up and improve decision-making, and capitalise without delay
  • Optimise operational efficiencies. Reduce training time, expand modelling expertise and input throughout the organisation, and also make decisions auditable
  • Create compelling 3D visualisations and communications. Facilitate interpretation and understanding of complex geology, gain consensus and buy-in, and share the findings and results with ease

About ARANZ Geo

Leapfrog is an ARANZ Geo product. ARANZ Geo solutions harnesses information to extract value, to bring meaning and reduce risk. Complex data becomes geological understanding and insight, giving decision-makers greater confidence.

ARANZ Geo has offices in Asia Pacific, North America, South America and Europe. Please contact your local team to request a demonstration or trial of Leapfrog.

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