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Suction Dredgers

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Arthur Habermann was established in 1927 and since then has manufactured suction dredgers for a wide range for applications, such as conveying sand, gravel, slurry, clay, coal, copper and other mineral substances.

As we have our own foundries for high-quality steel and polyurethane, as well as a large and innovative construction department and subsidiary for complete electrical engineering, we are an independent supplier of suction dredgers to the global market.

Miniature suction dredger for sand reclaiming

The HSR miniature suction dredger is designed for the automatic sucking of mineral slurry and fine sand out of quarries and pits, industrial sewages, sand blowers or other settling ponds. The maximum operating depth is 10m, and it has a maximum discharging distance of 500m.

Modular, lightweight suction dredger

The appeal of our modular System 2002 suction dredger lies in its compact and light construction. Assembly takes only one day and it can be transported by standard low-bed trailers. The operation of this lightweight suction dredger involves an automatic suction pipe. The system is both highly efficient and extremely cost-effective.

HSR miniature suction dredger for sand reclaiming.
The System 2002 modular, lightweight suction dredger.
System 2500 dredgers can be used for nearly all conveying applications.
The System 3000-G suction dredger comes with a patented pump pontoon.
The System 3000-U suction dredger is equipped with a submersible pump.

Suction dredgers with pump pontoon

The System 3000-G suction dredger comes with a patented pump pontoon that places the pump approximately 1.5m beneath the water surface and ensures excellent pump performance. Maintenance can be performed above the water surface.

Suction dredgers with submersible pumps for mines

The System 3000-U suction dredger is equipped with a submersible pump which can be sunk up to 20m below the surface. Through its solid catamaran design this deep dredger represents the latest suction dredger technology for the increasingly tough requirements in mine quarries and pits.

Suction dredgers for cohesive and compact material

Our System 3000-S is the prefect suction dredger to handle extremely cohesive and compact material because of its cutter wheel, which can be used as mechanical loosening equipment. This system allows economical production even in extreme operational conditions.

Suction dredgers for conveying

The System 2500 suction dredger combines aspects of the light and modular System 2002 and the highly engineered System 3000. The dredgers are highly productive, and come with all Habermann standard parts for suction dredgers as well as a patented pump pontoon. These dredgers can be used for nearly all conveying applications.

Jet system for suction dredgers

With our specially designed jet system for suction dredgers, material will be loosened by high-pressure water through the jet head and rinsed into the suction mouth. To avoid over-sized grain coming through a ‘muzzle’ is used. The pressure is exerted by a high-efficiency HPK pump without mechanical sealing, which has a long lifetime and high reliability.

Accessories for suction dredgers

For the whole range of Habermann suction dredgers there is a wide assortment of options and accessories available on request:

  • Electric oder diesel drive
  • Fully suction pipe automatic with PLC and coloured flat screen
  • Slewing crane for manual or electrical maintenance
  • Security package (for windows and doors)
  • Rear winch station
  • Air conditioning and/or heater
  • Transformer for medium-voltage applications
  • Land-based or floating booster-pump station
  • Accessories such as pressure lines, pontoons or ring floats
  • Suction pipe made of steel or rubber (floating version)

Suction dredger components and servicing

For modernising your old suction dredger we can supply complete equipment or only single parts. We can also re-fit automatic suction pipes.

Press Releases

  • Arthur Habermann to Attend bauma 2010

    Arthur Habermann will be exhibiting at bauma 2010 in Munich from 19-25 April 2010, and would like to welcome you to hall B2, stand 106 for suction dredgers and hall C3, stand 107 for pumps. bauma features more than a half million square meters of exhibition space, making it by far the

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