RIGID ROBOTICS Precision Positioning, Advanced Safety, and Automation

RIGID ROBOTICS builds precision positioning, advanced safety, and automation solutions to make mining operations safer and more efficient.

The company separates itself from its competitors through a combination of domain expertise, access to new technology, a fast innovation pace, and a detailed understanding of client specific challenges.

Comprehensive product line for mining operations

RIGID ROBOTICS Vehicle Intelligence solutions are built with forward compatibility in mind, meeting the needs of mining operations today while also aligning with their future visions.

Easy upgrades and a minimal cost of ownership are all part of RIGID ROBOTICS’ commitment to its customers.

Built with high-precision positioning

Proprietary high-precision positioning systems at the heart of RIGID ROBOTICS’ solutions eliminate the traditional limitations of GPS / GNSS based products. Also sold as separate products, these positioning systems establish a new gold standard for mining operations at an unbeatable price point.

Tracking-grade positioning is offered via trackPIN™, with up to 2.5cm accuracy, at a price point suitable for haul trucks and even light vehicles. Optional dual antennas enable operators to track heading.

Up to 8mm survey-grade accuracy is offered via surveyPIN™, with a fast acquisition time that makes it suitable for all applications, including drills and shovels.

Both trackPIN and surveyPIN feature an open application programming interface (API) that is in line with the Global Mining Stand Guidelines Group (GMSG). This enables either system to provide positioning data to any RIGID ROBOTICS or third-party solution. Ethernet, CAN, and RS485 enable integration with fleet management systems.

Collision avoidance for mine sites

RIGID ROBOTICS’ DriveAssist™ operator assistance platform offers low-cost predicative collision avoidance.

DriveAssist enables information sharing and situational awareness through a low-latency vehicle-to-vehicle communication.

Enhanced Dead Reckoning (EDR), maintains vehicle position alongside high walls or deep within the pit. A ruggedized 4in interfaces optimizes the data operators receive, while the system can also be hosted on third-party displays in order to minimize clutter in the cab. An optional 77GHz radar add-on can be used for enhanced personnel detection in all weather conditions.

Multiple solutions for operator assistance

DriveAssist can also be used to enable proximity detection, truck spotting, predictive braking, and adaptive cruise control.

The fail-safe design and all-weather capability of DriveAssist make it an ideal choice for mission critical solutions. In addition to increasing safety, RIGID ROBOTICS’ operator assistance solutions can improve fuel efficiency, reduce cycle times, and increase machine maintenance rating.

DriveAssist collision avoidance and other operator assistance solutions are offered individually and in combination.

RIGID custom solutions

Technology from RIGID ROBOTICS’ line of vehicle intelligence solutions can also be incorporated into custom solutions for the most unique and/or challenging mining environments.

The scope of RIGID ROBOTICS’ custom solutions ranges from modified power delivery systems, such as power over Ethernet (PoE), to turn key autonomy solutions.

Auto truck spotting, adaptive truck platooning, and unmanned vehicle navigation are all within the range of capabilities of RIGID ROBOTICS’ existing hardware. These custom solutions continue to adhere to the company’s commitment of high reliability at a low cost.

Aerial solutions add a new dimension of actionable intelligence

RIGID ROBOTICS provides aerial solutions using its innovative CONDUCTOR™ tethered unmanned aerial system (UAS).

The system’s continuous power supply enables customers to maintain uninterrupted support for their operations.

Best-of-class onboard intelligence, all-weather operation capabilities, and an adaptive altitude of up to 120m ensure operational flexibility.

Various payload options enable solutions such as persistent mine surveillance, continuous volumetric measurement of stock piles, terrain observation, and uninterrupted operation monitoring and management.

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Press Release

RIGID ROBOTICS at CIM 2017 Convention

RIGID ROBOTICS exhibited at the 2017 CIM Expo and participated in several conference sessions and talks.

White Papers

Vehicle Intelligence Solutions

Our line of vehicle intelligence solutions are designed to meet your current needs while also aligning with your future vision. Through shared underlying technology, we make upgrading easy and minimise the total cost of ownership for mines.


116-618 E Kent Ave S


British Columbia V5X 0B1


+1 888 731 0564 (Sales and Support) +1 778 819 0260 (General Inquiries) +1 888 731 8792 www.rigidrobotics.com @RIGIDROBOTICS on Twitter RIGID ROBOTICS on LinkedIn



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The 2017 CIM Expo was the first time we showed our latest hardware, including trackPIN and surveyPIN, to the general public.

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RIGID ROBOTICS exhibited at the 2017 CIM Expo and participated in several conference sessions and talks.

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1 May 2017

The number of collision avoidance installations at operations around the world is growing daily. Collision avoidance systems are no longer a luxury as mines face higher productivity targets and a lower tolerance for accidents.

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13 September 2016

RIGID ROBOTICS has announced that an updated version of the company's DriveAssist™ platform will be released at MINExpo 2016 in Las Vegas.

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24 August 2016

RIGID ROBOTICS has announced that a new product, named CONDUCTOR™, will be displayed to the public for the first time at MINExpo 2016 in Las Vegas.

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Regional Offices


116-618 E Kent Ave S


British Columbia V5X 0B1


+1 888 731 0564 (Sales and Support) +1 778 819 0260 (General Inquiries) +1 888 731 8792 www.rigidrobotics.com @RIGIDROBOTICS on Twitter RIGID ROBOTICS on LinkedIn

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