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Ball, SAG and Rod Crushing Mill, Rubber and Steel Relines

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Specialised Reline Services is one of Australia’s leading mill relining companies and has developed a world-renowned reputation for safety, reliability and service that exceeds expectations in all areas of grinding mill lining replacement, shutdown planning and consultation.

Our success and reputation is maintained by producing quality work, maintaining a clear company focus by providing safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Pre-shutdown planning and scheduling

Optimisation, timing and scheduling for shutdown critical path activities. Determine the labour, equipment and consumables required during shutdown.

Grinding mill lining removal and installation for Ball, SAG, Rod and Tower mills

SRS has extensive expertise in all mill lining systems that will optimise results, leading to more efficient maintenance and higher mill availability. This is undertaken by using fully trained reline teams, using the latest tools and equipment from Russel Mining Equipment, Norbar, Torcup, RAD Torque systems, and URYU air tools.

Applying backing rubber.
Pipe cleaning by water jetting.
Positioning shell liners with liner handler.
Reline crew.
Remove paint from any surface by water jetting.
Removing grates from SAG Mill.
Removing liners from Ball Mill.
Removing rubber lining by water jetting.
Using an LRT 250 to remove bolts.
Using duel liner handlers inside mill.

Mill backing rubber replacement and repairs

Backing rubber is essential to protect the mill’s shell from wear by contact with slurry. SRS is an industry leader in mill backing rubber replacement during relines, having the ability to coordinate rubber work activities during relines to deliver a complete reline service.

Water jetting Services

Our team of high-pressure water jetting operators have extensive industry knowledge and experience with a large of range of specialist equipment. Our industrial water jetting service removes unwanted materials from any surfaces using environmentally friendly, dust-free processes.

Bolt Torquing

Mill bolts that are tensioned properly work at their optimum efficiency, preventing breakages and loose bolts. At SRS we have a large range of calibrated torque units for every bolt fastening application, using Norbar, Torcup, and RAD Torque systems, ranging from 500Nm to 12000Nm.

Trommel and trunnion liner change outs and repairs

Worn mill trunnions can result in bearing failures and cause structural failure of the entire mill. At SRS we have the resources and knowledge to minimise change out time for trunnion liners and trommel screen replacement requirements.

Reline equipment and tools

As part of our extensive reline service we have fully stocked reline trailers and workshops, giving us the ability to mobilise at short notice. This is backed up by a fully equipped maintenance workshop located in Geraldton, WA, to maintain our equipment, and provides a distinct competitive advantage, ensuring the highest standards are achieved for all equipment.

Qualified supervisors with extensive reline experience

All supervisors undertake safety leadership training to gain skills in key practices and principles of health and safety at an operational level. These skills assist our supervisors in creating and maintaining a safe workplace by improved communication of information and the application of risk management processes

Trained, job-ready reliners

Our Reliners go through extensive training before they arrive on site, beginning with a thorough safety induction process that includes fitness for work, risk assessment, safe hands and safe driver training.

All employees are trained in confined space entry, along with working at heights. Most of our employees have high-risk tickets for forklifts, rigging and elevated work platforms. This training is an ongoing process with active mentoring by supervisors and the safety team.

Safety Management

The safety management team maintains and improves the health and safety systems and processes, carrying out training, undertaking workplace risk assessments and instigating changes in current work practices that prevent accidents, injuries and other adverse consequences.

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    Servicing the mining and mineral processing industries, Specialised Reline Services (SRS) has developed a world-renowned reputation for safety, reliability and service that exceeds its market competitors in grinding mill lining replacement, installation and consultation.


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