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Geophysical Solutions for Cost-Effective Mineral Prospecting

ABEM's technologies are used for geophysical surveys to evaluate soil conditions and locate hidden objects using methods including resistivity, electromagnetics, seismology, vibration monitoring and radar in industries such as mineral exploration, infrastructure, education and research, and archeology.

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Guideline Geo |ABEM | MALÅ doesn’t only offer advanced hard- and software. The engineers working for us are veterans in the field which means our customers can be sure to get in-depth advice and support on all technical solutions.

Compared to traditional geotechnical methods, modern geophysics can offer more reliable and cost effective surveys. In addition to that you can also map surroundings to retrieve information such as water zones or weak zones in galleries.

Technologies Guideline Geo specializes in:

  • Transient electromagnetics (TEM)
  • Resistivity / IP
  • Ground penetrating radar (GPR)
  • Seismics

About ABEM

With 90 years of industry experience, ABEM Instrument is the go-to source for TEM, Resistivity-IP and seismic technologies.

ABEM Resistivity IP Terrameter.
ABEM TEM Booster TX-60.

Our company has its roots in Sweden and through an extensive network of distributors we are able to offer local support to customers all over the world.

Together with another world leader within geophysics – MALÅ Geoscience, ABEM Instrument operates under the collective brand Guideline Geo. Together we deliver advanced solutions, technologies and accessories for multiple applications including Ground Penetrating Radar.

Guideline Geo technologies most significant for the mining industry

Resistivity and IP imaging – ABEM Terrameter LS 2

The latest generation of ABEM Terrameter LS pushes the boundaries by introducing features previously never seen in commercial resistivity meters. It has been made available in many different configurations to perfectly match customer requirements.

In addition to this the Terrameter LS 2 has a unique IP feature using 100 % duty cycle. This means twice as fast data collection and double the signal to noise ratio compared to the conventional IP method (50 % duty cycle) using the same settings.

Prime Features:

  • Up to 12 measurement channels
  • Unique design of measurement channels and high power current transmitter
  • IP measurements with 100% duty cycle
  • 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D measurements
  • IEC IP 66 classification
  • Wi-Fi and 3D connectivity
  • Scalable through software licensing system

TEM solutions – ABEM WalkTEM

ABEM has pioneered the advancement of ground-based TEM technology. This method is particularly effective in determining electrical conductivity of the subsurface at depths from a few meters down to several hundred meters. Our ABEM WalkTEM instrument derives from the Airborne SkyTEM helicopter system, sharing the same technology.

ABEM WalkTEM’s combination of an intuitive interface combined with stunning performance makes this a powerful and flexible tool for non-destructive surveys in the geological near-surface.  By adding the instrument’s external booster option the soundings will significantly extend its depth.

Prime features:

  • Dual channel input utilizes dual antennas working simultaneously
  • Dual moment measuring technique enables high resolution data from both large and shallow depths
  • Fast setup, field effective operation and processing directly on site
  • Easy to handle standalone system
  • High level of integration – a rapid turn-off transmitter, dual channel receiver and computer in one rugged and portable platform

Under ‘Downloads’ on our website, you will find, among other things, an application note on mineral prospecting using Resistivity / IP and a whitepaper on our new IP measure mode using 100% duty cycle.

White Papers

  • IP using 100% Duty Cycle

    Using a new measurement mode for IP (100 % duty cycle), data collection will be twice as fast and have twice the signal to noise ratio compared to the conventional IP method (50 % duty cycle) using the same settings.

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