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Operation Optimisation Consultancy Services

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AYMA Mining Solutions is a mine engineering consultancy company that specialises in operations optimisation.

Through more than 20 years of mine operations experience and our consultants’ background as mine managers in base metals operations, we provide our clients with operational knowledge and effective solutions.

Consultancy services for underground and surface mining applications

With a background in underground and open pit mining management, AYMA offers our clients solid knowledge in each of our working areas, while we adapt resources and teams to meet each project’s needs.

We also perform a follow-up until the end of the project life, dealing with the possible unforeseen issues that might arise and offering the best solution.

The best expert team is built for each project. Our clients know they can count on high-qualified specialists to supply optimal solutions to their needs. We study every single project to bring our clients the best solution based on our experience and background from beyond consultancy.

Specialised mining optimisation services

As mining experts, we offer services and solutions for:

  • Optimisation of operations and designs, focused on performance, efficiency and costs
  • Joint Ore Reserves Committee (JORC) reports
  • Permitting – as part of the project team, we can act as advisers in permit management
  • Mine planning and design such as esources and reserves evaluation, mine method selection, conceptual and detailed planning and design, pre and feasibility studies
  • Technical assistance, peer review, advisory in contracts, reports for insurance companies
  • Geophysics
  • Hydrology and hydrogeology
  • Training courses for technical profiles (mine ventilation) and management (negotiation)
  • Design and building information modelling (BIM)

Comprehensive optimisation capabilities

After years of effort and dedication, we have been involved in a number of successful projects worldwide that highlight our capabilities.

These include:

Feasibility study and beyond

In Las Cruces, Spain, some of our consultants were part of the feasibility study team of this mine. Its opening meant the restart of metallic mining operations in south-west Spain. We have also collaborated in the design of the structures for surface water management and a number of projects related to water treatment and mine extraction.

Integration of a previous operation in a new project

As part of our work in La Parrilla, Spain, part of the challenge was the conceptual design and conceptual engineering of the main infrastructures of the project with the integration of the old environmental passives to have a reduced permitting period. We also worked on the mine planning and design and JORC report.

Industrial building design

This cement plant at Antioquia, Colombia, will produce 1.35Mtpa of cement from 2019. Using BIM software, we are working for OHL in the design of the electrical and mechanical equipment buildings, and the design of ventilation for the 35,000m² limestone and additives storage facility.

50% increase of mine production

In Aguas teñidas, Spain, part of our team conducted as a leader the 50% production increase from 2.2Mtpa to 3.3Mtpa for the underground mine.

We have also conducted a study to optimise the water management system.

Optimisation and constant production rates

While working as mine manager in Aguablanca, Spain, our consultants were able to maintain the production rate as before the decrease in metal prices with a positive cash flow during this period of minor prices.

Goals in this operation were the introduction of drill-to-mill and the 30% decrease in mining costs while maintaining the high standards in health and safety, efficiency and mine equipment maintenance.

Experienced consultancy services

The mission of AYMA seeks to offer an expert advisory service by ensuring real, integrated, expert, efficient and operative solutions for our clients.

Our vision is to become a reference partner for our clients and continue growing in our standing for authorities and communities being a versatile, efficient and reliable company.

To achieve this, we count on values of commitment with our clients based on quality, impartiality, social responsibility and transparency.


  • La Parrilla Tungsten Mine

    W Resources (formerly known as Caspian Holdings) is developing the La Parrilla tungsten mine and a tungsten tailings project in Spain.

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