APC Global Systems is a provider of solutions for optimising overall asset and personal effectiveness.

We apply lean production techniques and tools to identify root causes of inefficiencies in various mining processes, specifically around people, ore and material flow.

APC aims to improve key value-creating processes and embed the behavioural change required to sustain improvements. Our innovative software platform and its applications allow the business leaders to become equipped with the latest operational information, gain insight and awareness on how to optimise personnel, assets, production and resources.

Personnel flow solutions for the mines

APC’s Acuity Workforce labour utilisation system provides the necessary insights to verify and improve the flow of workers throughout the mine.

Since 2014, APC has been delivering outcomes through strategic engagement in the mining industry with a focus on Central Africa.
APC’s Acuity Workforce labour utilisation system provides the necessary insights to optimise people flow through the mine.
APC’s Forge Asset productivity analysis systems detect root causes and enhance asset operation effectiveness.
APC’s Insight Analytics provides overviews of your daily, real-time and personalised operational news.

It offers assurance against mine safety and visibility into underground workforce deployment, as well as enables workplace transformation by giving the leaders real-time and trend knowledge of whether their operational plans are executed accordingly effectively.

The system improves people flow to mining operation via:

  • Safety compliance and management: personal protective equipment (PPE) management, underground emergency protocols, shift clearance, fatigue assessment, record integration (safety and training), refuge chamber
  • People resource management: contractor management, workforce time and attendance
  • Productivity management: workforce deployment efficiency, transportation optimisation (vehicle or cage), underground deployment visualisation, workforce productivity analysis

Our projects in Central Africa have delivered positive return on investments (ROIs) to a major copper mining operation over the past three years.

Ore flow optimisation solutions

APC’s Forge Asset productivity analysis systems identify root causes and improve overall asset operation effectiveness via enhanced visibility regarding unplanned downtime.

Managing ore flow is one of the most critical functions in a mine. Key steps range from blasting through hauling, hoisting, mucking, conveying and tramming.  Recognising bottlenecks and constraints in this flow is essential, and removing them needs visibility into the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of fixed and mobile assets.

Time management also boosts asset usage.  Connecting verifiable key performance identifiers (KPIs) to crew objectives is an established way of maintaining these improvements.

In addition, Forge Asset aggregates data from a variety of sources to provide leaders with easy-to-action information.  Primary sources include maintenance plans, which offer the baseline equipment availability for a shift by incorporating statutory inspections and other scheduled downtime.

The system then acquires data on the mobile asset movement past critical waypoints, as well as key operational data in real-time. The platform overlays this information on the plan and reports utilisation for crushers, conveyors, jumbos, loaders and trucks.

Operational intelligence capabilities for mining

APC’s Insight Analytics gives you your daily, real-time, personalised and useful operational news at a glance.

It provides the user with the ability to live report on any asset or person that APC monitors and tracks, or view the information on a timeline. Data can be converted into useful information to improve operations.

Innovative underground communications infrastructure

APC has been providing innovative underground communication networks in Central Africa since 2017.

The networks use a unique hybrid technology that distributes power and data over an easy-to-maintain, cost-effective coaxial cable, which is a pragmatic solution for Africa’s underground working environment.

The infrastructure has allowed data to be captured (and buffered) close to the source with a distributed computing approach.

It uses a network of underground distributed sensors. These include internet protocol (IP) cameras, seismic sensors, Wi-Fi and access points, radio frequency identification (RFID) devices and refuge chambers, which can all be connected into a robust and reliable network.

About APC

APC has been delivering outcomes through strategic engagement in the mining industry, particular in Central Africa, since 2014. We have a network of mining experts on our consulting team.

We enable clients to solve problems with customised solutions. We deliver the operational insight and support with data to make your work easier.