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Landslide Repair, Slope Stability Remediation and Rockfall Mitigation

GeoStabilization International® (GSI®) is a geotechnical contracting firm servicing the US and Canada.

geostabilization international GSI

GeoStabilization International® (GSI®) is a geotechnical contracting firm servicing the US and Canada.

GSI repairs a full spectrum of mining geotechnical hazards and specialises in emergency landslide repair, slope stabilisation and rockfall mitigation using design / build and design / build / warranty contracting.

The company also builds retaining walls and bridges.

GeoStabilization International is a geotechnical contracting firm offering emergency landslide repair, slope stabilisation and rockfall mitigation for open pit mine operations.
Purpose-built equipment enables GSI to work in difficult site areas, undertaking services such as access road and pipeline stabilisation.
The company employs proactive controls for highwall stability and vibration-limiting blasting techniques.
GSI’s highly experienced geotechnical engineers can respond to geohazard events within 24 hours and carry out no-fee site visits. The company is both SPRAT and PCIA certified.
GSI has extensive experience in repairing landslides and stabilising slopes and access roads.
GSI's engineers create mitigation designs using purpose-built equipment.
Slope stability failure assessments provide operations with final slope design options for mine planning.
GSI engineers responsive solutions for sustainable mining.
State-of-the-art GeoSynthetically Confined Soil technology creates more cost-effective retaining walls.
GCS structures' bearing capacities can be up to 20 times higher than conventional mechanically stabilised earth (MSE) walls.

Geotechnical services for mining and quarrying industries

GSI’s team includes some of the most experienced and innovative geologists, geotechnical engineers, equipment operators and rockfall remediation technicians in the industry. The company installs solutions using a combined fleet of more than 50 Soil Nail Launchers™ and purpose-built, limited access drills.

GSI engineers solutions for the mining and quarry industries, offering its expertise to safeguard against rockfalls and unstable ground conditions, as well as delivering viable geohazard remediation services for the most challenging mine site problems.

From the early exploration phase for greenfield sites to full mine production and final reclamation, GSI specialises in protecting mine infrastructure, safeguarding mining operations with engineered geohazard solutions.

Open pit mine infrastructure protection

GSI has extensive experience in repairing landslides and stabilising slopes and access roads.

The company designs difficult access micropile foundations, provides rockfall protection scaling, installs catchment barriers and builds retaining walls for various mining infrastructure.

GSI’s equipment is purpose-built to allow for exceptional production in hard-to-access areas, including remote geological exploration sites. This translates into rapid, low-cost mitigation with minimal environmental impact and permitting time, allowing for continuous access and production.

GSI offers mining infrastructure services such as:

  • SuperMicropile™ foundations
  • Access road and waste dump stabilisation
  • Exploration slope stabilisation
  • Abutments, buttresses and box culvert
  • Retaining headwalls for mineral processing facilities
  • Reclamation and tailings dam reinforcements
  • Portals and limited access tunnels

Slope stabilisation and rockfall mitigation for mining operations

Slope stability and highwall safety is at the forefront of all open pit mining operations and GSI’s seasoned geotechnical engineers and highly experienced staff offer their extensive and in-depth expertise to resolve geotechnical problems.

GSI can respond to geohazard events within 24 hours, to safeguard personnel and infrastructure.

Typical geohazard operational services are:

  • Emergency rock and soil slope stabilisation
  • Highwall and catch bench maintenance programmes
  • Highwall drilling and reinforcement
  • Rapid response on-call services for rockfall mitigation and slope protection
  • Highwall scaling and barrier fence installation

Engineering solutions for geohazard mitigation

GSI engineers responsive solutions for sustainable mining. The company’s engineers provide mitigation designs using its specialist equipment, enabling a shorter onsite remediation, a lower overall cost and minimal disruption to operations.

GSI’s engineering services include:

  • Highwall, spoilbank, slope stability failure assessment
  • Zone dewatering and drainage diversions
  • Geohazard detection and highwall management planning
  • Waste material geotechnical engineering
  • Reclamation, rehabilitation and waste dump stabilisation
  • Slope stability for earth fills and tailing dams

Bridge abutments and retaining walls

GSI’s GeoSynthetically Confined Soil (GCS®) technology has many benefits, for example, more cost-effective retaining walls, bridge abutments, box culverts, foundations, rockfall barriers, and avalanche and mudflow deflection barriers.

Cutting-edge GCS structures are proven to have bearing capacities up to 20 times higher than traditional mechanically stabilised earth (MSE) walls, according to federally funded research.

GSI offers facing options such as natural vegetation, wire mesh, natural stone, concrete block and or sculpted shotcrete.

About GeoStabilization International

GSI provides the most responsive and experienced geohazard mitigation services in North America, including design / build / warranty landslide repair, slope stability remediation, retaining walls and rockfall mitigation (which includes slope scaling / drilling, mesh installation, barriers and catch bench programmes).

The company’s mining geohazard mitigation experts maintain a 24-hour response service, in-house engineering and no-cost site visits through its regional offices across the US and Canada, which are:

  • Sacramento, California
  • Bend, Oregon
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Pickerington, Ohio
  • Grand Junction, Colorado
  • High Point, North Carolina
  • Chattanooga, Tenessee
  • Williamstown, Kentucky
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Pearisburg, Vancouver
  • Destin, Florida
  • Driggs, Idaho
  • Dalkeith, Onatrio
  • Boulder, Nevada

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