Decoda is a leading supplier and developer of high-performance technologies for the mining industry.

Our solutions aim to encourage team collaboration, improve the decision-making process and deliver sustained continuous improvement across the mining lifecycle.

Integrated performance management solutions for mine sites

Decoda’s end-to-end ‘Mine thru Mill’ integrated performance management (IPM) solution enables users to treat the mining lifecycle as a ‘closed loop system’ to correct declining productivity, foster continuous, sustained improvement across the mining value chain, and ultimately optimise productivity.

By analysing how each vertical works together as a system, operators can detect, address and adjust environmental, operational or technical inefficiencies to encourage cohesion and improve production outcomes.

Mine thru Mill can help clients to identify areas for improvement to reduce variability, enhance visibility, deliver performance insights, and boost proactive risk and operational management.

Mining operating systems for increased optimisation

Decoda’s Load & Haul solution helps sites reduce the gap between digital strategy and execution and enables operators to identify productivity improvements, rectify inefficient processes, and implement sustainable solutions across their load and haul operations.

Our intelligent, integrated mining operating system (iiMOS) and end-to-end service delivery help develop strong alignment between operational teams and digital strategy to drive efficiency and remove unpredictability across your load and haul circuits.

Mine rehabilitation solutions

Decoda’s planning, monitoring and execution solutions support the progressive rehabilitation of mines during operation and through to eventual closure.

The company’s smart data and analytics technology and knowledge is helping mine operators discover cost-efficient, effective, and fast mine rehabilitation methods to help reduce capital burden and achieve rehabilitation responsibilities.

Our capabilities include:

  • Data-driven decision support and machine guidance tools
  • Land design optimisation technologies
  • Process optimisation
  • Soil sampling analysis and quality control
  • Using analytics to understand and optimise equipment, reducing capital cost of rehabilitation by 20%-30%.

Circuit condition monitoring for mine vehicles

Decoda’s RockAwareTM solution is a revolutionary technology designed to tackle the significant safety and productivity problems caused by premature tyre failures across mine sites. Our advanced detection system, powered by state-of-the-art lidar technology, continuously scans operating areas to identify potential hazards in real-time.

Once identified, hazards are promptly presented to Operators via an in-cab screen and a voice alerting system that highlights the hazard. This allows operators to take preventative action, reducing downtime and maintenance costs while optimising overall mine site operations. RockAwareTM also seamlessly integrates with existing systems, enabling automatic dispatching of clean-up crews to areas of concern to remove the identified hazard.

Our RockAwareTM solution allows mine operators to:

  • Improve tyre life
  • Identify hazards across your haul route in real-time
  • Notify clean-up crews of fallen rocks so that they can be removed from the circuit
  • Provide coaching and training opportunities
  • Reduce maintenance and repair costs

Short interval control platforms for process optimisation

Decoda’s short interval control (SIC) platform provides mine sites with a scalable, structured process for identifying and acting on opportunities to improve mining process effectiveness and efficiency, creating a continuous cycle of increased productivity and minimal waste.

Using our industry-leading platform, miners can modify plans during each shift to mitigate against risk and adjust to real-time conditions. Employees will be able to use the SIC platform to:

  • Detect and improve circuit problems and implement effective countermeasures to reduce the frequency of recurring issues
  • View how circuits are tracking against specified targets and adjust process operations that may deviate from the schedule
  • Manage all circuits and understand connections between them to make informed decisions
  • Analyse circuit conditions, load unit performance, and truck allocation and bottlenecks
  • Perform job observations and guide operators on how to work more productively and improve their quality of work
  • Manage administrative tasks more efficiently

About Decoda

Decoda was officially launched in July 2022, though our history started within Sime Darby Industrial in 2018 with a focus on helping customers achieve more productivity, using technology and data generated from connected machines.

The company has already worked with multiple mines across different commodities and locations worldwide, with a specific focus on optimising productivity and bridging the gap between digital strategy and execution.

Our objective is to be part of transforming the mining industry’s adoption of data analytics and digital technology solutions that standardise and optimise the industry’s performance resulting in a more efficient and productive industry.