Tripwire Inc (Tripwire) is a provider advance compliance, threat, and security solutions. The company’s Tripwire Enterprise product detects threats in real time and offers remediation management services while its File Integrity Monitoring separates low-risk changes from high-risk ones. IP360 offers measures to minimise asset vulnerability.

Connect, a security configuration tool, translates data into business intelligence and Log Center understands and shares suspicious incidents across departments.

The company’s key partners include Cisco, FireEye, Anfield Group, Archer Security Group, GarrettCom, Nova Tech, and RedSeal. The clients are Atlantic Credit and Finance, AMR Research, Aria, Aurora Health Care, Bank Aljazira, Capital One, Chevron, Kohler, Roche, FedEx and General Mills.

Tripwire is headquartered in Portland, US.