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Systems for Remote Monitoring of Machines, Water, Weather and Gases

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Novator Solutions is a specialist company in software development, control and gathering data in hard-to-reach areas using satellites with full coverage everywhere in the world.

We develop solutions both as turnkey system providers and consultants. Our remote monitoring systems provide measuring and control functionality even in locations without communication facilities or power. We measure data such as toxic and non-toxic gases, water level or flow, the status of machines, as well as the weather.

In addition, we also offer customized solutions, spanning a broad spectrum from sensors to the user interface on your computer. We can provide installations anywhere worldwide, or deliver ready-to-install equipment straight to your door.

Telemetry monitoring stations for the mining industry

With our CatchR concept, we combine cutting-edge sensors from industry leaders with a proprietary data processing and communication computer. To make sure that the measured data is always received by the customer, satellite communication linked to our secure web services is used. The result is a self-sufficient measuring station, inside a sturdy cabinet that is powered by solar energy. This provides a solution that can be deployed anywhere in the world with ease and data can be accessed instantly.

Monitoring of water levels is crucial for ensuring safety for tailing dams and following environmental laws.
Our telemetry solution, through satellite communications, gives customers the opportunity to measure anywhere and instantly get access to the data in our web portal.
With an IP-66 rating, a temperature span of -40°C to 80°C, cutting-edge batteries and solar cells, the WeatherCatchR is a self-sufficient system for remote weather monitoring.
With AlarmCatchR, machines such as diesel generators and pumps can be continuously monitored even in remote locations.
Customers of Novator Solutions can view their data in lists and graphs, set alarm limits, configure notifications, and see the positions and statuses of their measuring stations on a map.

In addition, we also provide solutions to meet very specific control requirements, as well as remote measurement and monitoring.

Water levels, temperature and flow monitoring systems

LevelCatchR is our product for keeping track of water levels and temperatures in dams, lakes, rivers, reservoirs and the ground. The FlowCatchR is used for measuring and monitoring flow in rivers, drains, canals, ducts, storm drain pipes and spillways.

Both can be used in remote places with no external infrastructure, using solar power and high-end batteries. In addition, LevelCatchR is highly cost-effective because of its easy installation and does not require any external wiring.

Equipment monitoring systems for mining facilities, generators and pumping stations

For the monitoring of equipment, checking the status of machines and reporting alarms from other systems in remote locations lacking communication capabilities, our AlarmCatchR is an excellent option. Oil pumping stations and diesel generators are two examples of where our systems can useful. This product can be used as either a backup system or as the sole monitoring device in regions with a poor communication infrastructure.

Secured web interface and online data for measurement stations

Novator Solutions customers can access collected data by signing into our easy-to-use and secure web portal. By using the web portal you can check all your CatchR measurement station positions in one place, as well as view their alarm statuses on a map. With a few simple clicks you can see the measurement data in graphs, lists and even export data to Excel files.

Alarms can also be set for all measurands; these are generated automatically and emailed straight to your account or sent as a text message to your phone. In addition, you can also use our web API for automated transfer of information or files to a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system or your in-house server.

Telemetry solutions for specific monitoring needs

A significant part of our work in the remote measurement area is customizing solutions to meet customer specific requirements. The heart of the CatchR product is a cutting-edge computer for control and measurement; it can easily be connected to a variety of different instruments and sensors. This solution makes it possible to control machines remotely, as well as check all the operational statistics in applications such as floodgate control and dam supervision.

Novator Solutions can measure anything measurable anywhere and present it to you instantly.

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