AKW Apparate + Verfahren GmbH Processing Plants and Separation Machinery for Wet Mechanical and Water Management Processing


AKW Apparate + Verfahren GmbH (AKW A+V) offers services in process engineering and equipment, as well as plant engineering, construction and service.

AKW A+V has the experience, knowledge, motivation and high level of international quality standards to offer its clients a truly tailored service.

Wet-mechanical processing and chemical treatment

AKW A+V has technical competence in the successful planning, conception and implementation of projects in the wet-mechanical processing of mineral raw materials and ores.

The company has expertise in the treatment of chemicals and corrosives for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Process engineering, construction and manufacture

AKW A+V services a broad range of industries, including:

  • Sand and kaolin
  • Ores and minerals
  • Environmental
  • Flue gas desulphurisation (FGD)
  • Chemistry and food

The versatile services benefit many applications, such as:

  • Ores and minerals
  • Glass, foundry and other industrial sands, kaolin and feldspar
  • Contaminated soils and water / harbour sediments
  • Municipal waste, road sweepings, sewer rinsing sands, slag
  • Wastewater and process water, gypsum removal in flue gas desulphurisation systems
  • Abrasives, suspensions and mixed plastics
  • Bentonite suspensions
  • Aluminium hydroxide, starch and salts
  • Biogas plants

Technical laboratory and testing facilities

AKW A+V has a state-of-the-art technical laboratory to respond to clients’ procedure and process needs.

The research and development team works closely with universities and research institutes to ensure a high standard of technical development in process chain and process engineering; this also allows the company to offer a wide range of test facilities, including sample and materials analysis.

Engineering services for equipment and process units

AKW A+V designs uniquely coordinated solutions for each individual project. The company uses its engineering activities to assist clients through all stages of planning, from analysis and test reports, to pre-basic, basic and detail engineering, and plant execution.

Industrial plant design and construction

AKW A+V designs and constructs stationary and mobile plants for containers or trucks.

The company offers environmentally friendly processes and plants for wet-mechanical and dry separation technologies. AKW A+V acts as a client’s partner, managing the plant engineering, construction, erection and commissioning of complete turnkey plants, as well as refitting and optimising existing processing plants.

Equipment and process units

AKW A+V has project management experience in wet-mechanical processing of raw mineral and ore, and chemical and corrosive matter treatment.

The applied processes are based on equipment and process units developed by AKW A+V, including high-performance attrition cells, annular distributors, hydrocyclones and flat bottom cyclones. The company manages the conception and application of its own products, as well as those designed for integration into a client’s purchased products.

Spare parts and service

AKW A+V acts as a partner, offering support to its clients beyond the delivery and commissioning.
The after-sales service covers a reliable supply of spare and wear parts, maintenance and repairs, and supervision of existing plants.

About the company

Since its establishment in 1963, the privately owned company has developed innovations, products and technologies that have turned AKW A+V into a global operating enterprise.

With headquarters in Hirschau, Bavaria, the company serves its customers through offices in Kiel, Moscow, Shanghai, São Paulo and Dubai, and has distributors in many more countries.

In 2001, AKW A+V GmbH took over the company Protec GmbH and started successfully with the business field of developing of water and waste water treatment plants. With the experience of Protec and AKW A+V’s specialised know-how and involvement, they have been developing mechanical, biological and physical procedures.

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Press Release

Successful Re-certification at AKW Equipment + Process Design

The team is proud to announce that we received our new QM-Certification, confirming that we have established and maintained a quality management system according to the standard ISO 9001: 2015.

Product and Services
White Papers

AKW Equipment and Process Units

AKW Apparate + Verfahren GmbH is a medium-sized, privately owned company focussed on process engineering and equipment, as well as on plant engineering, construction and service.

AKW Apparate+Verfahren GmbH

Dienhof 26

92242 Hirschau


+49 9622 7039 0 +49 9622 7039 376 www.akwauv.com/akw-apparate-verfahren-en.htm

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Products and Services

Dry Separation AKA-FLOW

AKA-FLOW is a dry working gravimetric sorting device and used for preliminary separation and enrichment of materials of different densities as a possible pre-stage to the wet mechanical separation processes. Limited availability of water in arid areas and environmental restrictions in the water supply and disposal of sludge require alternatives and additions to the wet-mechanical processing technologies.

Free-fall Classifiers AKOREL

The AKOREL corrects the grain size of the natural sand deposit according to the grain size distribution required by the customer.

High Performance Attrition Cells AKA-TRIT

The attrition process is used for cleaning raw and residual materials contaminated with absorbed impurities or pollutants.

High Performance Thickeners AKA-SET

AKA-SET is a special equipment for thickening and process water treatment. Main application for the AKA-SET is the separation of water, the reduction of sludge volume, the treatment of process water and the thickening of suspensions.

Hydrocyclones AKA-VORTEX and Annular Distributors AKA-SPIDER

Hydrocyclones are important and economically valuable components for wet-mechanical separation and classifying processes of minerals and mineral raw materials, matured construction, compact design and continuously developed and improved.

Mobile Residue Processing Plant MoReSa 4.0 and 10.0

MoReSa 4.0 is a mobile residue processing plant for the separation of organic and light-weight components, especially from residues as they occur in the municipal sector.

Recovery of Fine Sand AKA-SAND

AKA-SAND, a compact and semi-mobile processing plant, supplemented with the patented hydrocyclone control system AKA-TRONIC, is used in sand and gravel industries for desliming and dewatering of sand/water suspensions coming from a suction excavator without losing the fine sand.

Spirals AKA-SPIN

Spirals are sorting devices which separate the materials according to their different densities. They can be used for a grain size range from approximately 0.04mm to 4mm, with a throughput per spiral of approximately 1t/h to 4t/h.

Upstream Classifiers AKA-SIZER Type TAK

AKA-SIZER type TAK produce products which are classified sharply, like silica sands for glass manufacture, core sands and molding sands for foundries and special sands, which are required for the most diverse applications.

Washing Drum AKA-DRUM

AKA-DRUM is used for dissolving raw materials. Processing of raw material begins in the washing and elutriation drum. A good washing and elutriation effect is a prerequisite for a high-quality product. AKA-DRUM is manufactured in various sizes.


Press Release

2 May 2018

The team is proud to announce that we received our new QM-Certification, confirming that we have established and maintained a quality management system according to the standard ISO 9001: 2015.

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18 September 2015

AKW Equipment + Process Design has the pleasure to announce that Mr Thibaut Richard has been appointed as managing director.

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11 September 2014

AKW Apparate + Verfahren GmbH has successfully closed a multi-million euro deal for the supply of hydrocyclones and pumps going into the salt industry in Russia. The equipment deliveries will start from early 2016 until end of 2018.

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11 September 2014

AKW Apparate + Verfahren GmbH has strengthened its presence in the Middle East and confirms its position of a key market reference for high-quality and high-performance sand washing processing units, by signing a new supply agreement with a major local producer.

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10 September 2014

AKW Apparate + Verfahren GmbH will be presenting at the SIM exhibition in Bordeaux and the MENA mining show in Dubai, where the company will exhibit its experience, know-how, motivation and compliance with high international standards in quality and service.

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Regional Offices

AKW Apparate+Verfahren GmbH

Dienhof 26

92242 Hirschau


+49 9622 7039 0 +49 9622 7039 376 www.akwauv.com/akw-apparate-verfahren-en.htm

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