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Superflex Steel Plaited Cables, Wire Rope and Rigging Gear, New and Recycled Rubber Products

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Andromeda Industries is an Australian manufacturer of Superflex wire cable, Flat Woven Steel Slings, Plaited Pulling rope and a range of new and recycled rubber products.

Producing heavy duty Blast Mats, Erosion control mats, Heavy Load Safety Mats, ute and truck matting along with Split Belt Rubber, recycled from used conveyor belt and site access matting for the mining, construction and agricultural sectors.

Superflex Plaited Wire Rope and Steel Slings for Mining Applications

Comprising a 12-strand plaited steel cable, Superflex features a 4 x 3 sinnet lay construction and can be manufactured in a range of diameters from 10mm to 96mm, allowing a lifting capacity in straight pull of up to 168.0t in single fall.

The unique plaited configuration of Superflex steel cable allows for a highly flexible product that is immensely durable set and kink resistant; these attributes enable it to perform and survive in many harsh and abusive environments.

Our portfolio includes high-strength wire rope, plaited cable, and slings.
Double-ended strops are available.
The Superflex cable is a 12-strand plaited cable.
The Type 1 flat woven sling is suitable for cradle lift operations.
Pictured is the basket hitch flat woven sling.
As they are made with wire rope, our flat woven slings do not require regular inspections.
Superflex strops slings are used in a choke configuration to lift various products.
Strops are used to lift power poles, aluminium billets, piles, steel bar, drill rods, and tubing.
The image shows our products in use by Rio Tinto.

The plaited construction enables increased gripping characteristics when used in choking applications and the flexibility means less chance of kinking and permanent set.

Superflex cable comprises of 912 individual wires, making it one of the most flexible and versatile sling cables on the market. The superior flexibility of the Superflex cable when manufactured into a sling, strop or double-ended strop allows for easy handling at the job site and easy subsequent storage.

Superflex Steel cable and slings conform to stringent Australian standards AS3569-2010 and AS1666.1-2009, ensuring quality is adhered too.

Rubber Blasting Mats and Erosion Control Products

Another of our specialised products manufactured at our Moonbi plant is our rubber blast mats, which are woven from heavy duty used conveyor belts using a specialised technique to fix the weft and warps together. Andromeda Industries Blast Mats are extremely durable and designed to withstand multiple blasts/charges.

The high density and weight of rubber blasting mats are specifically designed to absorb the energy of flying debris whist also releasing gas pressure ensuring safer blasting with the prevention of flyrock.

Developed using recycled materials, they provide enhanced value and durability under normal conditions. The larger mats also have slings attached for lifting and positioning.

Along with the blast mats, Andromeda also manufactures a range of erosion control and rubber mats for the mining industry. All these items are manufactured using recycled mining conveyor belts that would otherwise be buried or sold as scrap.

Flat Woven Steel Slings and Terminal Fittings

Our flat-woven steel slings and related terminal fittings continue to allow us to be at the forefront of safety and design in the lifting and rigging industry.

Dependability and durability are essential when lifting and rigging and Andromeda Industries Steel Flat Woven Slings meet these challenges, with a safety factor of 5:1 allowing peace of mind on quality and dependability.

As with all Andromeda Industries products, our Flat Woven Steel Slings are manufactured at our factory in Moonbi, New South Wales (NSW). The strap for the slings is mechanically woven on our purpose-built weaving machine designed and manufactured by Andromeda Industries. Specialised slings are also handmade for specific applications.

Our flat-woven steel slings are manufactured using 24 galvanised wire ropes laid in parallel (Warp) and two-wire ropes (Weft) continuously woven through. Slings are available with widths ranging from 50mm to 250mm.

Andromeda Industries manufacture two styles of Flat Woven Steel Slings, notably Type 1 being for cradle lift and Type 2 being for basket hitch (choke). The UV-resistant slings are ideal for applications where damage from cutting and abrasion are a risk and as they are a wire rope sling, there is no need for mandatory quarterly inspections.

All fittings for the slings are also manufactured on-site at our Moonbi factory or by other Australian manufacturers to the highest standards. Some slings are also available in stainless steel for applications in corrosive and underground environments.

These remarkable slings have been manufactured continuously since 1976 and continue to be used successfully to minimise risk to workers and damage to equipment.

Manufacture and testing capabilities

Ensuring that the highest quality is met in the manufacturing of Superflex steel cable and slings and all relevant Australian standards are adhered too. Andromeda Industries are NATA certified (16960) and also a full member of LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) (3797), thus ensuring quality each and every time.

Our slings are manufactured and tested to the relevant Australian standards at our manufacturing plant in Moonbi NSW.

Press Releases

  • Andromeda Industries Exhibiting at AIMEX 2023

    Andromeda Industries is proud to announce we will be exhibiting at AIMEX, Asia-Pacific’s International Mining Exhibition 5-7 September 2023 at Sydney’s iconic Showgrounds (Booth: M111).

Products & services

  • Blast Mats

    Andromeda Blast Mats are made and designed here in Australia. Converted from disused mining conveyor belt combined with a specially designed eyelet system, these mats are perfect for your blasting job.

  • Superflex Slings and Strops

    Superflex cable is used to make lifting slings and strops for General lifting operations where flexibility and ease of handling are important.

19-45 Charles St
NSW 2353