Powertech Energy Solutions

Business-Critical Electrical Power Infrastructure Maintenance, Protection and Technical Support

Strike Technologies (Pty) Ltd, 106 Richards Drive, PO Box 1810, Midrand 1685, Halfway House, South Africa

Strike Technologies (Pty) Ltd, 106 Richards Drive, PO Box 1810, Midrand 1685, Halfway House, South Africa

Powertech Energy Solutions (PES), a division of Strike Technologies and part of the Powertech and Altron groups, is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and is a leading company for the service and maintenance of business-critical electrical power infrastructure. We have the people, tools and knowledge to ensure your system performs reliably in every circumstance.

Business-critical power infrastructure maintenance

PES’ clients come from many industries, but they all share a common view of the strategic value of reliable power to their bottom line. Our focus is on delivering customer-oriented, value-added solutions that directly improve system reliability, based on a dynamic professional service culture. PES is the first choice for switchgear maintenance, generator maintenance, protection products, analytical software, solution design and technical support.

Our approach to service is rooted in the latest proven maintenance methods and we have the most advanced systems in the industry to guarantee the highest quality and reliability. We offer a range of maintenance contracts, all with guaranteed emergency response, service levels agreements (SLAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) as standard. It is our aim to exceed your expectations.

System performance optimization

Whether your company’s success depends on delivering products, services or data, reliable system performance is vital. Power interruptions or failures can be catastrophic. PES professionals combine cutting-edge theoretical thinking with practical field-tested solutions to optimize system performance and enhance reliability.

Experienced electrical power professionals

Experienced engineers, analysts, and technicians regard client engagements as personal investments – as if they were solving their own problems and managing their own budgets. Routinely developing effective strategies and tactics, they also look beyond the obvious and find ways to leverage technology to improve each client’s business.

Our professionals are dedicated to quality, safety and customer satisfaction. Partnering with clients, the PES team blends intellectual capital with practical implementation to transcend the everyday assignment and develop long-term strategies that optimize the client’s business.

Tailored and integrated critical power systems

Critical power needs are no longer isolated to communications rooms or IT departments, but instead are ubiquitous to modern installations. We believe that only by careful integration of the entire system can you achieve the demanded reliability.

PES was born from an identified gap in the market for a company providing high-quality engineered integration of power systems. Starting at the design stage and using leading electrical design software – which can analyze every aspect of a design, either beforehand or retrospectively – enables quality decision-making on the design and operation of the system.

Our high-quality project management skills, expertise and experience ensure installations meet the most exacting standards. Highly customer-focused maintenance and service packages are tailored to the customers’ site engineering, commercial and criticality needs.

Powertech Energy Solutions

Strike Technologies (Pty) Ltd

106 Richards Drive

PO Box 1810

Midrand 1685

Halfway House

South Africa

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