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Temporary and Permanent Prefabricated Camps

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TREYSAN Prefabricated, a distinguished company within IC Holding, was established in Ankara in 1975. Since then, TREYSAN’s product range has served oil and gas sector companies, construction companies, military organisations, armies and relief organisations by providing temporary and permanent prefabricated camp solutions.

Accommodation camp production

Top-quality production has been a constant principle since TREYSAN’s early days. Today TREYSAN is proud to be the sector leader in Turkey. It enjoys recognition among some of the most reputable global brands and faces a confident future with a strong reach that spans 62 countries.

TREYSAN operates on a land area totalling 50,000m² and production is carried out in the 18,000m² plant with an annual production capacity of 600,000m². Investing further into technology in 2003, TREYSAN set up a second plant of 3,500m² where it has since successfully carried out weld-free production.

Accommodation containers

TREYSAN’s accommodation containers provide the perfect product with flexible design and production, simple installation in the factory or in the field, as well as easy transportation and re-location. TREYSAN offers single-level or two-storey containers as compounds for a wide span of applications, along with options from packed shipping to on-site installation.

TREYSAN’s container designs are suitable for diverse applications including office space, dormitories, kitchen units and cafeterias, laundry units, WC shower units, laboratory units, clinic units and storage containers.

Prefabricated panel system buildings

TREYSAN designs and manufactures high-tech and superior quality panel system buildings that stand out in terms of short production times, services of transportation and installation, adaptable designs and easy re-location as well as a range of applications in any kind of environmental conditions.

Pre-engineered steel buildings

Quick and cost-saving alternatives for a wide range of sites, TREYSAN’s pre-engineered steel buildings are ideal in terms of their flexible dimensions, speedy production and easy dismantling or relocation, and their suitability for installation in any area of the world as well as use over longer periods of time.

TREYSAN’s pre-engineered steel buildings can be implemented in diverse areas. These include industrial structures, factory buildings, production facilities, warehouses, workshops, sports centres, airplane hangars, shopping centres and showrooms.

Permanent pre-fabricated structures

TREYSAN also offers permanent solutions in pre-fabricated construction, catering to a range of budgets with practical applications in permanent buildings. Residence units, villas, prestige buildings, schools and commercial structures are among TREYSAN’s innovative solutions.

Certified production facilities

TREYSAN has made a major contribution to its sector through technical innovations. As a result of this outstanding business concept, TREYSAN has successfully been rewarded with ISO 9000 quality assurance system certificate, as a leading company in its sector in 1996 and ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 besides NATO ‘T’ standard decoration.

TREYSAN’s quality system includes HSE applications both in manufacturing and erection processes. Treysan is located on 50,000m² area, it has reached up to 600,000m² annual capacity. Investing further into technology in 2003, TREYSAN set up a second plant of 3,500m² where it has successfully carried out weld-free production.

Temporary and permanent prefabricated mining camp projects

Some of TREYSAN’s signature projects include:

  • TCO assets development project: 8,000 man camp for Parsons Flour Daniel in Kazakhstan
  • 8,000 man camp for Oman Blue City Project for AECO Development (ENKA Construction)
  • US Armed Forces camp buildings (more than 7,000 accommodation units within regional commodity agreement with KBR [Kellog Brown & Root])
  • Camp facilities for YLNG Project for Technip in Yemen
  • Kashagan KIP&KPP Project for GATE JV / ENI in Kazakhstan

Accommodation camps for crisis regions

TREYSAN has considerable experience in crisis regions, providing full supply support to UN Forces in the Balkans, supplying immediate temporary accommodations for earthquake victims in Turkey, meeting the urgent demands of international aid organisations in African countries, and creating temporary camp solutions for the international oil and gas contractor companies. TREYSAN strives to provide the quickest response to the requirements of clients in these areas.

TREYSAN will be pleased to address any projects in Middle East, CIS countries, Balkans and Europe, and is ready to supply and deliver temporary and permanent field accommodations within a very short period of time. Within this period we will provide the correct engineering design and calculations, the shortest manufacturing time, packing and transportation ease, supervising services at the time of assembly, as well as provide after-sale services and keep a sufficient amount of materials in its warehouse upon received urgent demand.

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Yildirim Beyazit Mah

29 Mayis Caddesi No:8 06980